10 ways to get out of from starting fear

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Every one in the world initially for any work they must have starting fear.Some of them they can say out side there is no fear it’s not correct in or other way there is some fear.

Alright! First let’s analyse what is the starting fear and why it occurs.

Usually the mind will not prepare for a new work until you experience on that task.So in this context there is a small tense whether will it go fine or not,will I complete or succeed in this task.

Don’t worry,this is common problem across all of us.What you are thinking and fearing in the mind should happen another person as well when they are in your situation.It is very common thing.

How to overcome starting fear?

Well! Is any ways to overcome this small fear.Yes Ofcourse,when there is a problem obviously next to that there is a solution as well.

Below are small tips to follow over come starting fear.

1.Practice…Practice and Practice until you feel you are hands on and understand on that task.

2.If it is a speech you can rehearsal at home before you face public.

3.If it is any other work you can get suggestions only from the ones who experienced that task or situation.

4.Dont take too many suggestions from too many people that will confuse you and build negative energy.

5.Its looks crazy ,but check your potential whether you can achieve this task ,is your goal realistic.

6.Dont give up…Try your best till you die but keep in mind you should win in that task.

7.Gain the knowledge about that task from different sources like movies,books and especially real time experience people.

8.Devide the bigger goal/task into small chunks and achieve one by one then the confident build in your mind and it will drive you towards bigger achievement.

9.Dont consult friends at any cost on the suggestions,if you share with them they might be jealous and they will try to make you down.


ad of all friends only share about your goal with your family members and well wishers and get positive energy and good suggestions.

All the best for your future & hope you achieve all of your goals in your life without any fear!