4 genuine reasons to choose animation as a career

Today, the demand for jobs is changing at a dynamic pace for the job seekers of the nation
in the coming years. On various other well know job profiles will get demolished in India
and it will face the crisis of unemployment in the coming decades from traditional job roles.
This is why the need for the creative field will increase at a very rapid pace. The animation
is that career where the role of creative and innovative people is very high. Not only the
media houses but also the big corporate houses today are in search of a quality animator to
boost their promotional and advertisement strategy.
Currently, the animation industry is booming at a very faster rate. This is now considered
as one of the most demanding career fields in the entertainment industry. Not only the
entertainment industry or the movie makers are using animation but also various
corporate houses to engage themselves in using animation as their one of the prime tools
for promotion and advertisement.
What is the basic qualification required to build your career as an animator?
There are some very basic qualifications are essential to growing your career in the field of
Any undergraduate student can pursue a career in Animation even in class 10 also.
Type of examination a candidate needs to undergo:- It may be one time/semester wise
varies on the curriculum of the institute.
Eligibility:- 10 th or 12 th class
The total course fee:- Rs 20, 000
Average starting salary:- 2 lacks pa to 3 lacks pa
Maximum time this course can take a minimum of 3months to a maximum of 1 year.
Job roles this field offers:- 3D and 2D animator, texturing artist, character designer,
texturing artist and 2D illustrator. Apart from this many more are there.
Apart from this, this is the most untouched sector so far. This is why the job prospects and
vacancy in this field are huge in the upcoming years.
Therefore let’s find out that the career prospects a candidate will have if they choose
animation as their career path.
 This is a growing field:-

The animation is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world currently.
There are a number of big companies, as well as conglomerates, want to provide job
to the animators to work for them. Various industries are demanding for a quality
animator like the film industry, medicine industry, architecture industry, and law
industry also wants to hire quality animators for them.
A career in animation has a huge opportunity for job seekers. The reason is this
industry is growing strong and will be stronger in the upcoming years. Not only the
filmmakers are demanding for the quality animators but also various other
industries too are hiring for the same.
 Showcase your skill globally:-
An animator is not bounded to the domestic audience his or her presence of work is
recognized to a global audience. This is why the chances are high that an animator
will grow in his career at a faster pace.
Multinational companies tend to showcase their brand product creatively in the
global market. Hence the scope is higher that you will get a global platform to
perform on various interesting projects.
 Easy to learn:-
There is a myth that animation is a very tough career field to learn but on the
contrary, it is the easiest topic that one can easily master. The reason is there are
lots of free online courses available on the internet to make a kick start towards
learning animation as one of your major career fields.
Just you need to be very focused and consistent in your approach and need to put all
your hard work to master this field and become an expert animator. Just you need to
have an interest in learning something creative and innovative in nature to excel in
this field.
 Good Pay:-
The average pay in this field is $ 60000 and with your growing experience in this
field can make you earn more than $90000. Hence being a student you need not
worry about the career field that can provide you good pay along with job
satisfaction to work in a creative field.

Hence, from the above information, it has become clear that how a career in animation can
change the course of your life. In this career field, the scopes are very high, opportunities
for growth are huge and the vacancy is more. This is why the popularity of this field is

growing robustly in recent years. Just you need to master this field and need to stay
focused on your goal to become a quality animator. Your hard work and consistency in this
field can make you earn so much that you have never ever dreamt of in your dreams.
So, try to be as creative and hardworking as possible in this field.