4 Golden rules to boost your memory for the IAS examinations 2020

The IAS examination 2020 is the most challenging government examination that the candidates appear for in every year. Millions of candidates appear for this examination every year only a few of them get selected in this examination and the rest profiles of the candidates get rejected. Now, most of the people wonder that although they have put their hard labor they have got rejected and few of them got selected. Most of the candidates want to know the fact that why they cannot crack the examination whiles the rest does. The answer is very simple the difference in the level of their concentrations. And the methodology of the preparation they have adopted.

Today, we will not talk about the IAS exam date or the IAS exam preparation strategy. In this article, we will talk about training the mind or the brain to remember the concepts in a better way for the longer duration of time. This is basically a secret technique that is not known to everybody. Only a few people have this knowledge and those who know this
technique they are very successful today in their field or career.

In a research study it has been found that the human mind can retain the data’s and information more easily when they are being represented in a graphical or in any visual format. On the other hand in case of the plain text format people cannot remember it for a longer duration.

  • Practice Visual Learning:- If you are an aspiring candidate of IAS Examination 2020 then this memory boost up trick can help you to achieve success in your upcoming examination. From learning the concepts from book just shift your attention to view the documentaries of various periods from You tube. Try to learn the concepts of reasoning by viewing the online sessions from your pc to achieve perfection at it. This will help you in two ways firstly you need not to memorize everything as the concepts you are viewing in your own bare eyes will stick to your brain for longer duration and secondly you will not feel stressed as it seems to you as this incident or the event is just the part of your life you will get easily familiar with it.
  • Revise the concepts on daily basis:- The IAS exam syllabus is huge you need to revise on daily basis. Better to say that just you need to get familiar with the topics the better option to make things more interesting is role play. This will make you to remember the concepts of history, geography and science topics to longer duration and you will never forget that in your entire lifetime. You must aim to remember not to forget. In a research study it has been proven that those candidates revise the concepts on a daily basis will remember it for longer duration compared to those who are not and consider it with a casual approach.
  • Debate rigorously:- This is the most interactive learning process to help the candidates in memorizing the concepts in a better manner. People often gets distracted in this examination and feel bored while making a rigorous study. But if they prepare a study group among themselves and make a debate on several topics then they will get three way benefits

          a) Remember the concepts for longer duration.
          b) Makes their learning process interesting and will never feel bored or stressed.
          c) They will make themselves prepared for the GD rounds also of the IAS examination.
          You just need not to worry about the IAS EXAM dates if it will come you are ready for it with a bang.

  • Give tuitions and teach others:- Be the mentor of your group teach other and this will help you to upgrade you level of preparation for the IAS Examination 2020. Do not forget to earn money from it. Money is the driving force which will help you to progress in the preparation of the IAS examination. Do not stop at any point of time. Just continue with the process then only you can break the records of the IAS examination in India.

Every year millions of aspirants sit for the examination of IAS. But only few of them make it through to the final round. Do not give up at any point of time. Just step back to bounce back with greater energy. You can be the future of IAS officer of India. So, do not lose heart. Try to give your best in the IAS examination 2020. Just follow these above mentioned
points religiously and you will become the champion of your life.

Just try to be as cool and calm as possible take zero stress and enjoy this journey of IAS preparation so that you can get the best out of it. Do not lose your focus or the concentration in this regard.