5 effective ways to control the Employee Attrition in the workplace

Today, employee attrition has become one of the prime concerns of various organizations. Irrespective of the fact whether the organization is big or small employee attrition is becoming the headache of various companies. There are several reasons for such happening in various business houses. One of the basic reasons is Employers are only focusing on business growth they are least bothered about the growth path of the employees. This makes the scenario worse than ever. Management must think about employee retention strategies to ensure sustainable growth for the company.  

There are several ways using which employer can reduce the chances of attrition in his company. 

So, let’s get into the details about various ways by which employee attrition can be reduced easily. 

  • Offer Equitable and modest salary to your employee:-  

The loyalty of the employee cannot be ensured only by providing fair compensation. Growth in salary as per the industry standard and the relevant market prices matters a lot. Employees always try for a better opportunity for their future growth. This is why an increase in pay is one of the prime reasons for the growing chances of employee attrition


In a research study, it has been found that if the incomes of the employee lad behind even by 10% of the similar profile of jobs in the same city then an employee try to switch for the better one or better to say for the high paying one. This is why it becomes the prime responsibility of the employer to conduct the timely review regarding the salary structure you are paying to your current employee as per their designation. This will help you to retain your best employees in the organization.   

  • Provide imperative benefits as well:-  

Not only the salary but also the additional benefits and flexibility you offer to your employees also matter a lot. Being an employer you must consider one thing in your mind that the employees who are working for you are human beings. They do have some hopes and aspirations regarding their job. Try to win over it then the chances of employee retention will increase at a faster rate. 


Provide them with the right working environment they deserve then only your organization can grow as well as the chances of attrition will fall.   

  • Train your front line supervisors, managers and administrators:- Providing right set of training to your front line managers, supervisors and administrators can help you to retain the quality employees in your organizations. We all know the fact that the employee-employer relation plays a very crucial role in developing a right working environment. This is why if you can train well your front line managers, supervisors and the administrators then the chances of employee attrition reduce a lot. The reason is this one of the prime employee retention strategies that you can easily adopt without the scope of much investment. Just you need to stay vigilant about the proper guidance of your front line managers or supervisors from time to time. 
  • Communicate the roles and responsibilities of the employees clearly:– Clear communication regarding the roles and the responsibilities can help your employees to understand their job responsibility clearly. This will also provide them with work satisfaction and they will feel motivated to work with passion.  


Clear goal setting is very important for an employee to work in the right direction. This will help them to understand the expectation of the management from the workers. Hence, the chances of attrition will get reduced to a great extent. Sometimes powerful motivational words also can help you to win over the confidence of your employees.  

  • Offer them the opportunities to grow:- Every human being wants to grow in his /her career just show them the growth path. Set a margin or level of promotion that your employee will receive after crossing every milestone. Don’t let the spirit of hard work to fall down. 


This employee retention strategy will surely help you in gaining the confidence of your employee on you very easily. Help them to achieve their goal and ensure that negativity among the employees never spreads its wings. Just help them in achieving their targets for which they are here.   


Hence, from the above information, it has become clear that what the core reasons for the employee attrition are. Just try to win over your objective by making the employee happy in delivering your best amenities and facilities to them. We all are aware of the fact that a happy employee makes a happy organization. Better to say that happy employees can create a long term profitable organization. Just you need to be patient and observant towards the mental as well as the aspiration need of your employee. So, just apply these techniques in order to make things better for your organization.   

Better application of the strategy can fetch you better results regarding employee retention.