5 highest paying Science Careers in 2020

Are you a sort of a person who is curious and questions arises in your mind very often when you see the world around you? If yes then it is high time that you covert your curiosity into an earning opportunity. There are several science careers in 2020 that can
help you to gain the momentum of your career in the right direction. Just you need to keep exploring the opportunities near you. Recently with the advancement in the field of science and technology the requirement of the quality candidate is increasing in the country in different science career fields in India.

Now let’s explore some of the important career fields that are offering this type of opportunities to the young and curios brigade of the nation. One thing you must remember before choosing this career that while choosing this careers you will become the future makers of our nation so use your knowledge and skill in the right direction for safeguarding the interest of the nation and humanity at a large.

Hence, now let’s see which career fields are there that provides such an opportunity

  • Physicist:- The basic duties of the physicists is to investigate the properties of the matter, time and energy. There are certain kinds of physicists who perform the theoretical research for providing the knowledge to the world that how universe works on the other hand they engage in the applied research. They are also responsible to invent new devices and technology to change the set up of the present technology for the betterment of mankind. The prime objective of the
    physicists is to answer the big questions that how our universe came in to existence and the laws that determines the energy and matter which interacts with each other.
    The salary scale of a physicist varies up to $106840 in INR (8154028.80). Educational background required= PhD in Physics.
  • Astronomer:- The basic work of an astronomer is to study the structures of galaxy, space , stars, planets and as well as the black holes. ISRO is the biggest employer of these astronomers and scientists in India. They make a comprehensive research on properties, compositions, and the movement of the objects in space in a detailed manner and make a detailed record of it. For doing these more effectively they have to undergo a very complex mathematical calculation. They are also responsible for inventing various equipments like Hubble space Telescope to analyze the space activities more minutely and accurately.
    The average salary of an astronomer varies up to $96,460 in INR (7,361,827.2) Educational Background required= PhD in astronomy.
  • Geo scientists:- They are responsible for studying the structures of the Earth Surface. They are also responsible for making a competitive study in making the study of the composition, processes and physical properties. By making an extensive study of our planet they can easily make a correct prediction regarding the past and the future of our planet. In this discipline of geo scientists there are other fields that are being comprised in this field of geosciences like geo chemistry, geology and geo physics. Apart from that many more divisions of work are there in this field. Now which career field is the best for you depends entirely upon your nature of interest. The average salary of the astronomer varies from= $90,890 in INR (6,936,724.8) Educational Background:- Bachelors degree in Geology as well as Geo Sciences are required.
  • Atmospheric scientists:- The responsibility of weather forecasting is shouldered by the atmospheric scientists. They will help people by informing them in advance about severe climate changes that are highly destructive in nature like severe draught, air pollutions and storms by collecting the raw data of wind speed, humidity, pressure and the temperature. This will ultimately help the citizens of the country to stay alert on natural consequences in advance. The average salary of the atmospheric scientists varies from= $89,260 in INR (68182323.20) Educational Background:- Bachelors degree in Meteorology and the atmospheric sciences.
  • Biochemist and the Bio Physicist:- The basic responsibility of the Bio chemist or the bio physicists is to make a comprehensive study of the cells and micro organisms among the human being. They make a study how the simple cells and micro organisms behave in certain temperature and climate. They use high end technological equipments like electron microscope and other advanced equipment to study the micro-organisms. The average salary of a bio chemist or the bio physicist varies from = $81,480 INR( 6,218,553.6) Educational Background:- PhD in Bio Chemistry or Bio physics