5 important questions asked in a content writing interview

Today, content writing has become one of the most important career choices. If you are in a mind to build your career in the field of content writing then you need to be prepared for the questions that may be asked in an interview. There are certain important basic questions that a candidate needs to clarify before the interview. So, let’s get an idea about some of them in a better manner in order make a rightful decision making in answering the questions that may be asked by the interviewer in the field of content writing interview.    

Hence, let’s find out some of the important questions that may be asked to you in the interview in this field. 

  • What is your strategy of research to get the attention of your target audience?  

This is the most evident question that may be asked in the content writer interview. This is why a candidate must have the right product and business knowledge to provide the right set of answers to the interviewer. Although, there are other sets of answers that you may give to the interviewer in reply in order to make a right set of impression in the minds of the interviewer. 

Possible answers:-   

Being a content writer it is very important to understand consumer behaviour first and prepare the write up accordingly. Along with that, you can interact directly with the target audience or the consumer to identify their need patterns. At times you can also interact with your sales team to understand the mind of the customer in a better manner. 

  • What is your opinion about good web content?   

There are several elements that may easily add up to a good content marketing strategy. Just some of the important aspects a candidate must highlight in the interview round are as possible. In the case of the Web content, these are some of the important points that you can easily focus on in order to maintain the right strategy 

    1. The usefulness of the content:- The web content must address the problems of the readers in a proper manner and it must also satisfy the taste and the preferences of the readers what they want. This will help you to earn more traffic for your website. 
    2. Engagement:– headlines, content structure, infographics images and the videos are some of the basic elements of a basic content writing.  
    3. Call to action button:– Most of the content writer work with an objective for marketing their product or the services to their target customers. Therefore, the best way is to add the call to action button on your website.   
  • The originality of the content:- 

Plagiarism free original and unique content is the reflection of a quality content writer. This will help the writer as well as the organization to earn more for them. 

  • What is the way out for preparing the content strategy for a brand or for your client?    
  • Step 1-Set the right marketing objectives for yourself. 
  • Step 2 – Identify target customers. 
  • Step 3-Try to understand the perception of the audience. 
  • Step 4- Make a proper brainstorming of the ideas. 
  • Step 5-Schedule a proper roll-out plan. 
  • On what basis you will select a content topic? 
  1. Identify the needs of your audience or target customers. 
  2. Make competitive research on related keywords and on the focus keywords that you will use in your content. 
  3. Analyze the competitors and the rate of conversion. 
  4. Keeps a proper track of your subject matter regarding your published content of your competitors? 
  • How do you integrate the SEO factors in your contents? 

This is the most crucial question that an interviewer may ask you at the time of content writing interview questions. This is the most important factor which you must consider before seeking any job opportunity in this field. 


The probable answers to this question are as follows  

  1. Keyword density is the most crucial factor that an interviewer may want to know from you. This must be maintained within 2-5. 
  2. Meta tags:- The way you use the meta tags to attract the Google Robot.Txt bots to rank higher in SERP. 
  3. Body Tags:- The H1, H2, H3, and H4 tags usage knowledge may be judged by the interviewer to understand whether you will be able to write contents on the basis of it or not.  

There are many more other questions that may ask on technical grounds by the interviewer in order to judge your knowledge in the field of content writing interview. Just try to be as specific and precise in your answers. Be positive and confident about the answers that you are saying in the interview board. Don’t just move out your focus at any point in time. 

Try to attain perfection in delivering your answers in the interview.