5 mistakes to avoid in a Job Interview

Whenever a candidate goes for a job interview then quiet naturally they feel nervous and tensed. This is quite natural and the candidate needs to control these emotions in order to be successful in the interview process. The reason is the interviewers are quite smart to understand your nervousness and it will impact your body language and personality at the
time of interview. This will also show that you are not confident about the job profile that you have applied for. This is why, before the interview starts to keep yourself as cool and calm as possible. This will help you to answer the questions in a proper manner.

In most of the candidates, these are some common mistakes that they do in a job interview which they need to avoid.

Hence, let’s get into the details that, which are the common mistakes candidates often do in a job interview.

  • Answering the weakness question incorrectly:- In most of the job interviews, this question is often asked that, What is your Weakness? In 90 % of the cases candidates answer this question incorrectly they give their reply on working on their weakness to convert it as their strengths. This reply is not at all fruitful. The reason is, first of all, you need to understand that the interviewer is a stranger to you and why do you disclose your weakness to a stranger. On the contrary, if you answer that your weakness will do no good to the organization so you would rather like to disclose your strengths that can benefit your organization for which you have applied.
  • Not doing your homework:- Here homework means the preparation that a candidate needs to do before the interview. Preparation means knowing all the things about the organization for which the candidate has been shortlisted for the interview. You must go through the Job description multiple times so that you have a clear idea that what type of questions may be asked at the time of interview and the answers the interviewer want to hear from you. This will prove to be helpful to you in two important ways. Firstly it will reduce your tension and secondly it will boost up your level of confidence before the interviewer. This is why making the preparation before the interview is important.
  • Dressing down:- Proper dress up sense is very important in an interview. Always remember one thing an interviewer always want serious and dedicated people in his/ her organization. This is why if you appear in an interview in casuals and your appearance seems to be dull and annoying then the chances of your rejection increases. There is one thumb rule regarding the dressing at the time of interview. The rules are always trying to wear the formals and comb your hair and keep yourself ready and presentable before the interview panel. We all know that the first impression must be good enough to attract the attention of the interviewer.
  • Not asking any questions:- At the end of the interview, the interviewer often asks that weather you have any questions or not. In that case, if you say no straight away then it will reflect that you have no interest in that job profile. This will create a negative impression in the minds of the interviewer. Rather you can ask questions regarding your job profile, company profile, working pattern and the best you can add to make the task easy for your fellow members. Along with that, you can also use various other examples to justify your point that why it seems fruitful to you.
  • Be alert at the point of your salary discussion:- This is the vital point where most of the candidates got rejected. The reason is they did not undergo the notifications that have been released by the company. The HR may ask you regarding your expectation the best answer in this regard is to say that you want the salary that is being based as per the industry standard or you can also give a reply on the basis of your last drawn salary if you are experienced in that field. The best answer would be to mention the ad notification point where the salary part is being clearly mentioned. This will show that you are a smart candidate and a person who your prospective employer can rely upon.

Hence, if you can follow the following important points then the chances of your selection will increase. This will also boost up your confidence before the job interview takes place. Therefore, you can easily understand the facts which things to avoid before going for an interview. Don’t get tensed or panicked at any point in time this can easily reduce your
credibility. So, if you want to get the opportunity try to build up your preparation first.