5 Most popular Java Script framework to learn in 2020

For many decades there has been a continued growth of Java Script. This has become an outside platform for various web browsers as well. Better to say that JS Framework is currently one of the top programming languages to learn in 2020. If the developer is in a mind to develop awesome interfaces then with the help of both the client and the server sites of JS framework it is quite easily possible. Just you need to improve the web application just to improve web features and applications to transform web pages with real time applications.  

So let’s explore some of the java script framework that a developer must learn in 2020 in order to sharpen his skill in an effective manner. 

So, before gaining knowledge about 5 important JavaScript frame work let’s have an idea about the concept of Java Script. 

What is a Java Script?  

Basically a JavaScript is a scripting code which is utilized for app and web development to add upon various dynamic elements for the web apps. This is basically a client side programming languages whose source code is rendered by the client browser. One of the important features of this Java code is it allows light weight framework to support a cross platform that is utilized to develop a software and other interactive websites.   

Let’s get some beneficial insights of a JavaScript frame work  

  • Security:-  

An app development and website development where the JavaScript frameworks are used there it provides robust security forms and they get large forums where users and members perform being a huge tester. 

  • Efficiency:- 

Projects, where initially hundreds of lines and codes are used now can be gained with much quicker with pre built, objects, libraries and functions. 

  • Cost:- 

The majority of frameworks today are basically open source one of the basic reason for that is they assist the programmers in creating custom app quicker that minimizes the web development price.  

So, let’s explore best Java script framework to learn in 2020

  • Angular JS   

Angular JS is the latest version of HTML that has been designed to build web apps, data binding declarative templates, MVVM, MVW, and MVC and dependency injection with better scope of feasibility and testability is the main advantage of this framework.  

So, let’s have some clear idea about the advantages of this framework 

  • Fast Font end development is possible using this framework. 
  • Declarative programming language can be used.  
  • Quicker in operation. 
  • Testing ready. 
  • Various MVC components. 
  • It is basically built on Visual studio.NET IDE’s or on IntelliJ IDEA.   


  • React Js   

React is efficient, flexible, and declarative Java script library for building the user interfaces. To create interactive UIs it can prove to be very useful. You can easily design some simple views for each state in your application and this framework will update and render just the right components when there is a change for your data. A declarative view actually makes your code more predictable and easy to debug. 

So, let’s have a clear idea about some of the core advantages of this frame work. 

  • Quickly developing JS framework. 
  • Easy to test. 
  • Declarative. 
  • Re usability of the code.   
  • Node Js 

Node Js is built on massive data interaction for Google V8 JS engine with the prime objective of making vigorous app like community websites, content streaming sites feature big one page apps which depends on massive data interaction. 

             So, let’s have a clear idea about some of the core advantages of this frame work. 

  • Reusability of the code is possible. 
  • Rich client frameworks with the implementation of server side API’s. 
  • Development of multi user application that provides simultaneous connections for enhanced experience. 

  • Ember Js 

Ember .Js is an open Source Java Script frame work which is basically based on model view pattern. This helps the developers to understand single page web application by incorporating quality practices and common idioms on the framework. 

So, let’s explore some of its advantages.  

  • It has the advantage of convention over the configuration. 
  • It possesses lightweight attributes. 
  • It also enables key value observation. 
  • Giant Ecosystem. 
  • Stability without any scope of stagnation.  
  • Meteor Js 

Meteor Js is not only a library for java script but also a full stack option for font end libraries. Meteor produces cross platform code and allows rapid prototyping. 

There are certain advantages of this framework which helps a developer to build an awesome website so let’s see what those are. 

  • Easy to set up 
  • Very simplified option for developers.
  • Flexibility.
  • Project scalability. 
  • All the frontend, backend and database are spun in one script.
  • You can develop with just one language. 
  • Developers who are in beginner stage this framework is best for them. 

So, the above mentioned frameworks a developer must have the core knowledge for developing a stunning website. Hence now it has become easy for the developers of 2020 to build a awesome website for their clients.