5 reasons why you are getting rejected for jobs

While applying for the jobs candidate do not realize certain things that are very important or essential for cracking the interview or the jobs for which they are applying. In most cases, both in the private and the public sector jobs Employers are in search of certain skills set that they always look for in a candidate. This is why while posting the ad for any job profiles employers have certain perceptions in their mind regarding the skills set they require from a candidate. If their requirement matches with the candidates work profile then only the chances of selection increases in a job for which you are applying.

Which things does an employer consider while hiring a candidate?

There are several aspects that an employer considers while hiring a candidate. They have certain preparations in their mind for which they seek the assistance of a quality candidate. While interviewing a candidate they try to understand whether that candidate has those skills and acumen that they are looking for or whether that candidate is the best fit for this profile or not. These crucial factors most of the candidates miss out at the time of the interview and at the time of preparing the CV.

There are certainly small but crucial factors that candidates often miss out which ultimately leads in the rejection of their profiles. This is why while applying for any job interview first read the job notification advertisement carefully. Make a proper
crosscheck of the profile and try to make online research on the job profile and the nature of business if you are applying for a private job. These things can help you in cracking the interview in a better manner.

Apart, from these let’s understand some of the crucial and most basic points of rejection for the job profiles.

  • Lack of work experience:- This is the most vital cause for the rejection of the job profile in the private sector as well as in Some PSU’s. In most of the companies today they want candidates who are trained and experienced in a particular job profile for which they are hiring. This is why sometimes fresher candidates get rejected. Sometimes fresher candidates apply for the job where the experienced candidates are required. They do this out of the value for money that is being declared in the advertisement. This makes their process of decision-making rash in nature and they land up in such an area where their chances of rejection are 90%.
  • Shortage of skills:- There are certain job profiles where certain specific skills sets are being clearly mentioned. But some of the candidates do not look into this matter out of urgency and overconfidence they apply for this post. Then at the time of the interview round they have to face the embarrassment. These things happen because they may have worked in that profile in some company but they do not have that training. This factor makes them more vulnerable to the process of rejection of their candidature.
  • Shortage of Educational requirements:– Only experience and skills is not enough in certain job profiles. The strong educational background along with it is also necessary, especially in teaching profiles. This is why if you have a less educational qualification in such profiles then the chances of your rejection will increase at a very rapid pace. The reason is only educated but fewer experience candidates also can work. This is one of the basic criteria for the selection of such a candidate. But if you miss that information then the entire fault is yours.
  • Lack of connections:- There are certain job profiles where the connection with the clients matter the most. Especially in job fields like sales where you’re a wide range of connections can help you to win over the chances of getting the maximum scope to get hired in this particular profile. In these sorts of profiles, your Master degree qualification or high-end qualification may not work. Your negotiation skills and a wide range of client database can work in these types of profiles to a great extent. Hence before opting for such profiles just check your network first.
  • Your aspirations and company’s requirement does not match:- This is the another most crucial factor for the auto rejection of your job profiles. You are only working for money you do not have the passion for working in this job profile. This is why before opting for any job profiles just cross-check these factors in detail.

Your job and your workplace is the most crucial and vital aspect of your life. So, before selecting any job profile or applying for it just be careful, that both the parties who are involved in it can have a Win-Win situation or not in the long run. Considering those factors in mind make an application for the job.