5 steps to get study visa to USA

For many students, going in an American university is difficult enough. Then you have got to work out a way to get a visa. Whereas the method isn’t troublesome or long, it’s vital to urge it right. Therefore, hopefully this article can clarify specifically what you would like to try to do.

The first factor you wish to try to do is contact us diplomatic building or Embassy in your country as a result of the foundations and laws could amendment and since there could also be special necessities for your country. The Embassy or consulate is that the solely authoritative supply of knowledge. All Embassies have websites and telephone numbers and email addresses. You wish to appear for the diplomat Section and therefore the non-immigrant visa section (non-immigrant visas are for those that don’t commit to move to the USA for good, like students).

The first factor you would like may be a type from the University that primarily tells the Embassy who is liable for you at the university, what quite course you’re accepted for and on what date your study begins and ends. If you’re obtaining an F-1 visa, this kind is named an I-20. If you are obtaining a J-1 visa (usually if you have got a government-funded scholarship otherwise you are an exchange student), it is a DS-2019. Sometimes once a university accepts you, they are doing not send the I-20 or DS-2019 instantly. They have you to remit confirmation that you just can attend that university, and money details, like who pays for your education. Every university has its own necessities for issue the I-20 or DS-2019 therefore scan your acceptance letter and knowledge rigorously.

What Do I actually have to Do?

Once you get the shape from the university, you would like to:

Pay the SEVIS fee of $100.

SEVIS may be an information of all foreign students within the USA, maintained by the government. You would like to be registered during this information to urge a visa. It prices $100 to register. You should register on-line and would like data from the I-20 or DS2019 to fill out this kind and you may ought to pay the fee of $100 electronically with a credit card. In some cases, the university or your sponsor could also be willing to pay this fee for you, therefore ask them. Certify if you are doing it yourself, that you just don’t build any mistakes or enter any false or dishonest data. Issues along with your SEVIS entry will mean issues within the USA, as well as not being let into the country or being deported. After you have submitted your data and payment, you may be ready to save and to output a receipt.

Fill Out the DS-156 which may be found is an electronic type that you submit over the web. You would like Adobe acrobat software system to try to do this with success. Note that you just ought to place a solution in each blank, even though that answer is “No” or “NA” (Not applicable to me). Make certain you perceive each question and do not be afraid to raise the Embassy to create sure the data is correct. After you have submitted the DS-156, print out a replica for your records. You’ll conjointly put it aside to your PC.

Fill Out type DS-158 which may be downloaded and written from the Embassy website. You ought to print it out and fill it out by hand. This kind is for all candidates for student visas.

If you’re male, you may conjointly ought to fill out the DS-157, conjointly downloadable from the Embassy website. It asks some questions about contacts in your home country and any special coaching you have got had in sensitive areas. Be truthful. Do not say you recognize nothing concerning chemicals if you’re applying for a PhD in chemical engineering (as one student did)!

Contact the Embassy for a meeting

Call or write the Embassy to create a meeting for a visa interview. Make certain you perceive specifically once and at what time the interview is. Get there early to travel through security and to relax. If you would like to vary the time or date, let the Embassy understand in advance. Don’t simply not show up!

What Do I wake up the Embassy?

  • Your passport–the original document in order that they will place your visa in it
  • The DS-2019 or I-20 from the university
  • Proof of SEVIS fee payment–the receipt you wrote out after you paid the fee
  • A print-out of the DS156, simply just in case
  • The DS-157, already filled out (if you’re male)
  • The DS-158, already filled out

Proof of support or ability to pay. This could be a letter from your scholarship or sponsor, a financial plan showing that your parents or sponsor has enough cash to purchase you, a type from the university saying you have got a scholarship. If a relative or a businessman is sponsoring you, certify you have got some proof that they need the money–financial statement, taxation statement, proof of registration and possession of an enormous business.

A photograph 5 cm by 5 cm connected to the DS-156. The icon ought to have a white background, it ought to show simply your face, and you ought to not wear glasses or anything that blocks your face.

Acceptance Letter from the University. In order to understand that they actually are accepted.

Academic Documents like transcripts from universities or faculties, TOEFL scores, SAT scores. If you already studied within the USA, you actually would like your transcript from university. Why? In order that they understand that you just very are a student which you propose to check within the USA, not do business or move there to measure for good.

Any other documents you’re thinking that could be helpful in proving that you are a student, that you just can come back home.

While you ought to forever ask your Embassy 1st, if you follow this list you mustn’t have any issues obtaining a visa and going off to the USA with confidence.