6 reasons why digital marketing career is better than other jobs

During the past few years, the field of digital marketing is booming at a very fast pace. The skills for digital marketing are in great demand. This is why the job creation in this field is increasing at a faster rate. The reason for this is starting from small to big business houses they try to gain the maximum market share on the internet. Only in India the rise for the digital marketers is at its zenith. Companies are ready to invest their lion’s share in hiring a quality digital marketing professional. This is why there is huge scope for you in getting the digital marketing jobs in India very easily.   

Before knowing the benefits of the career in digital marketing lets first understand various job roles that are being associated with this field. 

  1. Digital Brand Manager 
  2. Content writer 
  3. Content Marketing Manager. 
  4. SEO executive 
  5. SEO expert. 
  6. Digital Marketing Manager 
  7. Director of Digital Marketing 
  8. Social Media Marketing manager 
  9. Social Media marketing analyst.    

Hence let’s find out some of the important benefits of this career field and its upcoming opportunities. 

  • Freedom:-  The digital marketing career field provides you with absolute freedom of work. Better to say you can work from home also as per your convenient time. One of the basic objectives of this field is that you have to create such engaging content that attracts the attention of the viewer very easily. This is the most creative, lucrative and easy career field that is being created ever on this planet.  


Along with that, you can work as per your convenience and with the comfort of your home. This profile only demands work from your end, not the work culture.   

  • Digital Marketing is on its hike now:- 

The versatile and flexible nature of this field makes it very demanding. The demand for digital marketers is highly on the rise these days. There are lots of opportunities waiting for digital marketers these days.  


Candidates who possess the technical knowledge in the field of SEO and SEM have the high chances of getting quality jobs as well as a lucrative earning opportunity by staying at the comfort of their home.  Just you need to explore the facts with an open mind to engage your target audience towards your brand


Even the celebrities and the high profile names of the industry is using digital media to endorse their brands and their upcoming projects to get the maximum viewers. But they cannot perform these tasks on their own so they hire agencies to do the job for them.  

  • Scope:- 

This field of digital marketing is engaging and ever-changing. Every time you look into this field you will get the opportunity to learn something new. This makes this field less boring and more interesting towards its practitioners. And if you are working for any company or any agency then you have to handle the requirements of different types of clients. 


Hence, variations are always there in this field. Apart from this, there are various freelancing options too that means you can earn from home from various freelancing sites.  Various job portals also provide this opportunity to work from home in this career field. In the year 2016, there was 1.5 lack of job opportunities were there in this field. On its next year, this figure rose to 8 lack of job opportunities in 2017. 

  • Good Salary Scale:- 

The career field which is on high demand presents a better salary hike for its professionals. Hence, there is also no exception to that. The salary scale of a digital marketing manager in India itself stands as Rs 4,12,492 per annum.  A full-time digital marketing professional with no experience can easily earn from Rs355, 752 to 1,374,865 per year. And in case of freelancers the amount of earning will increases with every project bid and successful assignment completion in regular interval of time.  

  • No Door to door marketing is required:-   

You need to visit your client’s residence to sale your product. Just use your fingertips and your laptop, desktop or smartphones to make your sale. Hence the transportation cost is also zero in this case.  


More flexible hours are available to you in order to spend time with your loved ones. Not only the product-based business but also the service sectors like hotels and restaurants are taking the help of digital marketing to sale their products to their prospective customers. 

  • No specific qualification is required as such:-  A digital marketing professional need not to have to do very high paying courses to master in this field. Just you need to be a tech-savvy person with having good creative communication skills is enough to kick start your career in this field. 

Hence, from the above explanation, it has become clear how digital marketing career is booming in each year. Just stay focused and grab the best opportunity that suits your taste.