7 powerful tips to crack IAS interview 2020 examination

After cracking the written examination of the IAS examination 2020 the next big challenge is to crack the IAS interview 2020. If you can crack the interview in the first attempt then it can prove to be a life changing opportunity for you. Just like your written
examination you need to prepare yourself for the examination in a proper manner. You cannot take a chance in this regard. You need to formulate and strategize the plans for getting the chance in this sector very easily. But the matter of fact is the plans must be a well organized one so that you can crack the interview in a proper way.

Now, there are two types of candidates in any interview round. First type is the fresher and the second type is the experienced. 80% of the government candidate’s fall in the first category and the 20% of the population falls on the second category. But the matter of fact is if you want to prepare yourself as per the IAS standard then you need to follow certain tricks to get success in the interview. Only then you can crack the interview successfully without any problems or the issue.

  • The first impression that your create:- Your smart attitude and the mode of interaction with the interviewer can help you to create a strong positive impression in the minds of the interviewer. Your appearance, way of communication and your
    gestures must be appealing enough to impress the recruitment board to select you for the job. For this you need to practice more mock interviews sessions in order to sharpen up your skills to a higher level. This will help you to increase the chances of your selection process. Just you need to keep the things in the right track.
  • Body Language:- The body language of the candidate holds the key in case of the selection process. Whenever you enter into the interview room then your body language, your gestures, speaking style, facial expressions reflects your mood,
    attitude and regarding your confidence level on the basis of which the process of selection must be done in the interview. This is why the best option would be to keep you mentally ready before the starting of the interview process in the IAS
    interview sessions. Just give a positive impression in the minds of the recruiter.
  • Stay calm and patient:- Sometimes in order to create panic in your mind the interviewer may ask some disturbing questions to you. The basic idea in such a scenario is to stay calm and answer the question on the basis of the authenticity of the topic. For example if you are experience and if you had worked somewhere else
    before facing the interview round of the IAS. Then they may ask you that why you want to leave your previous job or this current job is full of hassles and you may not perform your duty properly. This type of annoying questions may be asked to you in the interview board. At that point of time you just stay calm and answer them the core reasons that may affect your career and the job requirement for which they re hiring.
  • Apply your common sense:- Before answering any questions apply your common sense and presence of mind. Try to understand the reason behind the questions that they are asking you. Focus on the nature of questions that they are asking and what type of answers they are expecting from you. Do not make a rush while giving answers. Be practical and logical while answering the questions to the interviewer. Make things easy and feasible for yourself.
  • Communication:- A person is considered to e a good communicator who first listens to the other person carefully and then answers his query as per the need of the situation. You can only give a logical reply to the queries of the interviewer when you understand his question and can also understand the motive behind asking that questions. These two vital aspects can help you to crack the IAS interview 2020 successfully without any problem or issue. Talk with reasons and logic does not make things complicated for yourself.

Hence, if you can follow the above mentioned points in the interview of IAS Then the chances are higher that you can crack the interview very easily. Do not panic in between the interview sessions. This can be countable as a negative part of your aspect. You are best that’s why you are being called for the interview. Be confident and answer with reasons and logic to the recruiter. Out of the millions you are being selected for the final round. Do not lose your calm and do not be nervous at any stage of the interview. Just try to give your best in the interview board.