Apple Inc. introduced face ID on September 2017 and has always tried to provide more updated and advance featured product to its customer. Face ID is one of the features which provides advanced security to your cellular data protection. Apple has initiated the face recognition feature during the unveiling of iPhone X series and third-generation iPad pro with significant speed in face ID and neural network processing as compared to the previous designs having fingerprint authentication technology.

But, think what will you do if your iPhone doesn’t recognize you and denied to unlock your device? In this article, we have mentioned the identification and solution of face ID bugs problem in iPhone X series and third-generation iPad pro.

  1. Make your device updated:

If you are facing issues while unlocking your device through face id then it’s time for iOS update. Apple always keeps on refining software issue with a regular period of time which improves performance and removes bugs.

You can update your device by following the given steps setting app       general      software update      download & install the update file.


  1. Remove dust from the camera:

Sometimes the front camera gets dusted and consequently, the sensors couldn’t recognise your face data. The face ID works upon two modules, first, the sensor captures the shape of your face through infrared dots. Then the second sensor compares the given face with the authenticated system in the device when it matches the face data with the saved data the device gets unlocked. Therefore, if face ID is unable to recognise you then softly clean the front camera with a clean cloth and then try to unlock it.    

  1. Make appropriate Face ID settings:

If you are using Face ID for the first time or updated your iPhone, then there is higher chance that some required settings have been missed by you or chosen a wrong option for your Face ID settings. To get rid of such issue go to the settings then click on Face ID & passcode and then it will show you various options to make your Face data accurate.

  1. Check yourself :

In a recent report of Apple Inc., it was stated that some sunglasses which blocks the infrared rays and disable the TrueDepth sensors from working and ultimately the device couldn’t unlock through Face ID. So, try to remove your sunglasses and any form of facial decoration which blocks the authentication sensors and to restrict it from major damage.

  1. Go for a new Face ID:

If you are still getting the same problem, then there is another option which will absolutely work into this. You can create a new alternative Face ID through setting options. Click into the Face ID & Passcode and then setting up an alternate appearance. Follow the instructions of iPhone that is moving your head around slowly so that the face data will get stored in the memory.

  1. Reset your face ID

Well, sometimes it is better to clear out everything and start again. Just like the principle applies in your life whenever you face any problem, the same has been dealing with the technology. First of all, go to settings then click into Face ID & Passcode and Rest the Face ID. This will remove all the previously stored identification data and insert the new Face ID.


Hopefully, all the above-given suggestion and solutions are helpful to your problems. But still, if are having the same issue then you can contact Apple Support for physical issues in your iPhone device.