Arecibo Message google doodle celebrates 44th Interstellar message

Arecibo Message,Google Doodle Celebrates 44th Anniversary Of Interstellar Message

What is Arecibo Message?

Some 44 years back a group of scientist gather together and discussed about human kind and more than our intelligence in the sky and stars.This meeting held on a place called Arecibo ,so that this popular as a Arecibo message.

Google doodle celebrating today 44th anniversary of Arebico message which was the first attempt of human kind an interestellar message into a star cluster beyond the human intelligence with anticipation of extraterrestrial intelligence can receive the message and disper back- said google

How they send Arecibo message?

The three-minute radio message – a series of exactly 1,679 binary digits (a multiple of two prime numbers) which could be arranged in a grid 73 rows by 23 columns-was aimed at a cluster of stars, M-13, 25,000 light years away from earth.

Fourty four years back a group of scientists gathered in a forest called Arecibo located in puetro Rico and send a message to a cluster of space with anticipation of receiving and sending back signal from the space intelligence.

Why Arecibo message is powerful?

The broadcast was powerful because it used Arecibo’s megawatt transmitter attached to its 305 meter antenna. The latter concentrates the transmitter energy by beaming it into a very small patch of sky.

This historic transmission was intended to demonstrate the capabilities of Arecibo’s recently upgraded radio telescope, whose 1000-foot-diameter dish made it the largest and most powerful in the world at the time, Google said.