Assam Sets New Guidelines for Reopening of Schools in COVID-19 Unlock 3

Reopening of Schools in COVID-19 Unlock

Reopening of Schools in COVID-19 Unlock 3:Since March, various schools across the country have been shut due to the current pandemic. After unlocking 1 and 2, in unlock 3, the Assam government has also formed guidelines for informal classes. Now the instructions are made available on the official web portal Additionally, the government has also asked the stakeholders to submit feedback regarding the school reopening initiative at The input can be given on or by August 20.

Reopening of Schools in COVID-19 Unlock Official statement decision:

As per the official statement decision, these informal classes aren’t mandatory for all from September 1. Those who wish to can join these intimate classes. Students can attend these classes if they follow the safety norms, including wearing face masks and maintaining a social distance of a minimum of eight feet.

Who will be allowed to attend these classes?

Students need to undergo covid19 tests for covid19 between August 23 and August 30. Only those students who test negative will be allowed to attend classes. Before the commencement of classes, schools and colleges used for informal classes will be sanitized and after an interval of 15 days sanitization.

Informal classes and covid19:

It is said that midday meals and assignments will be distributed to parents of students of class 1 to 4. As per the guidelines, proposed students will answer at home. The parents need to handover the answer sheets to the teachers. The teachers for unit test marks will evaluate the same assignments as per the new guidelines.

Informal classes will be held for grades 5 to 8 in the nearby open field, village library, courtyard of houses, etc. The government and private school teachers will take the classes, senior students, retired teachers, TET qualified teachers, and other individuals who are willing to teach.

How will the informal classes hold for high school students?

Reopening of Schools in COVID-19 Unlock:The high school category comprises students of grades 9 to 12. Informal classes for 9 to 12 will be held in nearby schools. The students can enter the nearby schools even if they haven’t enrolled in that particular school. Before the commencement of these classes, students are required to register for these classes. Post-registration the course needs to be divided into categories. In each section, there will be a maximum of 15 students as per the new guidelines.

Final year degree and informal classes:

For students studying in the final year degree that is after classes 11 and 12, the classes will also be held. The guidelines for these classes are yet to be finalized. Most likely, the guidelines will be issued after stakeholders provide their feedback.

Who will follow the guidelines?

As per the latest news, it can be said that the guidelines need to be followed by technical institutes, universities, and medical colleges. As per concerned authorities of these institutions, they will plan activities for university, medical colleges, and engineering.

Thus these guidelines Reopening of Schools in COVID-19 Unlock are compulsory for all to follow. I hope the feedbacks are submitted quickly so the government can form clear instructions.