How to Recover Your Forgotten Steam Password

  We thinks that we remembered the password. But, in today’s developed technology we sign up to anywhere with different passwords and get confused in the password world or many people just save their password at the time of creating accounts and after some long days when they try to login to their account they Read More


  Password—‘’SIM  SIM  OPEN’’  The  famous  miraculous  chant  for  opening  the  gate  of  the  ALIBABA’S  treasure land  to  save  from  the  plunderers  or  the  fraud  sibling  KASHEM. Yes  Pass word  is  the  magical  word  for  opening  the  contemporary  treasure land  or  the  digital  land for  saving  from  the  hackers. WHAT  IS  PASSWORD? A  wifi  password  is  a Read More

The evolution of Indian museums

Have you ever been allured by an art form in a museum or gallery? Ever wondered about the origin of the spectacular Indian arts? The Indian art form dates back to pre-historic settlements in the 3rd millennium BC. With the changes in the time, Indian art has had both cultural influences, as well as religious influences Read More

Legal Concepts of RERA

Overview It’s a dream of most the people of buying a desirable house. However, it is difficult to buy a house at real estate prices which is quitter higher than as compared to the income level of a person. Moreover, before any statutory laws, builders and contractors have their own norms and policies in builders-buyers Read More

How to overcome stage fear with simple steps

Many people have stage fear and they don’t ever want to overcome it. They feel if they forget their speech, the others will insult them for their incapability. But unless you try and practice it you can’t overcome your fear. May be you know everything about your speech and has done a detailed search but Read More

How to manage stress in 5 simple steps

The daily work life and managing household stuff gives lot of unbearable stress. You are clueless at a point thinking how to manage it. It starts affecting your health creating big mess. In the 21 st century its been found a common problem amongst many. This has happened due to change in lifestyle and priorities. Read More

Education Boards in India – CBSE, SSC, ICSE,IB

  India has 1.4 million schools making it the largest education system in worldwide.The education boards in India divesrisified though equally qualified into 4 categories which are as follows-   Secondary School Certificate (SSC) The Secondary School Certificate also known as SSC  is a public examination which is followed in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan  to conduct a secondary education examinations.This is Read More