Bangladesh stopped reservations in government jobs

Early of this year in April 2018 there is a huge protest and rally from Dhaka university against reservations in govt jobs.It was a mass rally over 5000 plus students from Dhaka university and added many more students from other Private university.

Students come out from homes and hostels and started protests against reservations in govt jobs.Surprisingly girls students also protests against reservations and they said they will attent the examination to vet govt jobs Shaik Hassina ,the Bangladesh prime minister added.

Finally Shaik Hassina the honorable prime minister of Bangladesh was declared and passed a rule there are no more reservation in government jobs.This is the pur win of pupil of Bangladesh.

However government having special plans to take care disable and below poverty pupil.

Students mentioned due to reservation system which is outdated the merit students are loosing the jobs.

Is Reservations impact on common students life?

As we know the reservation made to push the below poverty people.But nowadays the reservation system out dated as it is impacting the merit students and who are not having reservations.

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