Benefits of online learning in the times of Lockdown in India

Today, the entire country and the world is facing complete lockdown and the competitive examinations will start soon the lockdown is over. This is why online learning is only the keyway left out for making the preparation of the competitive examination. Most frustrating fact in the light of this fact is students cannot go to the tutors or in any institute for getting the tuitions. Here, they have become completely helpless. The reason is people have to maintain social distancing in order to avoid the chances of the spread of COVID-19.

Now if you want to look at the brighter side of it then there are several benefits that are associated with online learning.

  • One to One interaction is possible:-In case of online learning students need not go at the teachers' place to make themselves ready for the competitive examinations. They can start preparing from their home itself without compromising their precious time. One of the basic important benefits is that this is the interactive mode of learning and students will be able to communicate with the teachers and there will be no crowed and so social distancing, as well as the learning, will be very fruitful for your preparation.
  • Learn concepts as per your Convenience:- You can learn the concepts by staying back at the home. Better to say that by staying back at the comfort of the home you can easily learn the concepts from your tutor. They will guide you as per your requirement. You need to displace yourself in order to learn the concepts from your mentors. Things are going to be easy and simple than before and students can learn in a better way. Just they need to choose the time of the session as per their convenience.
  • A better understanding of the concepts is possible:- When you learn the concepts online then the chances of quality learning increases. The reason is you need not to learn in the crowed you will learn the concepts in one to one interactive learning process. This is why you can easily clear up your doubts that a student cannot do when they are learning in batches. Along with that as the teacher has to explain the concepts to the multiple students they are not able to focus on a single child to impart their knowledge or to understand their difficulties.
  • Study materials and Mock tests:- To clear the competitive examination you need to understand your level of preparation. This why online learning will help you to take as much mock test as required. This will help you to get a clear idea that what are your strengths and what are your weaknesses in a particular subject. Study materials will also provide you with the solution of the mock test thus you can rectify your faults easily and can perform well in the real examination. Just you need to keep patience for the sessions that will be taken by your mentors.
  • Zero transportation cost and less wastage of time:- The more you study at home the better you will perform in the exam. Along with that, you need the guidance of a quality mentor. A quality mentor can help you to perform well in the exam. This is why seeking their guidance is absolutely necessary. But one of the important things that most of us do not care about is the cost of transportation. In both ends it will be feasible and cheaper the reason is if the teacher went to student’s residence then he/she will have to avail the transportation cost and if the student goes then also the same thing will happen. So, online learning can make transportation cost down to zero.
  • More choices for selection of teachers:- In the case of the online learning you can easily select the teachers or the mentors of your choice. Along with that, you will have multiple options to cross-check the background of the teacher. This will help you to understand clearly that the person who is your mentor is the right person or not. Thus quality learning with minimum investment is possible here.

Each and every educational institute is now shifting towards online learning due to the COVID -19 issue.

Hence, we can all pray that this disastrous situation will get over soon and we can get back to our normal life back again. But until and unless the situation becomes stable in the country the education industries have to take the second option to educate the students. This is why the application of online learning will be the best option for them in this crisis situation.
Just all the teachers need to think in another way to do their job in an effective manner. Now, it is time to change and to accept the new revolution in the education sector of India.