Benefits & tips of appearing & preparing for the NEET Examination

Before getting to know about NEET examination let’s get in to some interesting facts about the history of NEET examination. In the year December 2010 this examination started in India. Medical council of India published a Gazette with news which contains the modification of information for completing the graduation in medical education. In the year 1997 the idea for changing the pattern for medical examination was proposed. This idea was implemented in 2010 for conducting a single eligibility cum entrance exam for medical exam. In order to get admission in MBBS courses popularly known as NEET. For this
examination the Supreme Court also has given permission for holding single eligibility test for NEET. Medical Council of India can conduct this examination for MBBS and other PG courses in India. But after Supreme Court grants this permission various states have opposed this decision which includes West Bengal, Andra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat. This state’s strongly opposed to this change. The reason being there will be huge variation the pattern of syllabus.

  • Benefit for providing a common platform:- For holding the own set of entrance test NEET would prevent the private medical colleges and deemed universities. This exam will also obstruct the rigging of the merit rankings for the undeserving candidates to become the future doctors of the system. ( Sayan will Give Pic Here) (Private University students & Deemed University students Common meeting place is NEET )
  • Reduced pressure:- Due to NEET students can focus on single syllabus or exam pattern. This makes the candidates more determined and confident as they don’t have to surf on various exam pattern or syllabus. Thus reduces the anxiety or the stress of the students. Sayan Will Give Pic Here ( Tension is reduced Due to NEET examination)
  • Students will get more time:- In case of AIPMT exam students need to answer 200 questions in 3hrs duration. But in case
    of NEET examinations students just have to answer 180 questions in 3hrs. Thus it saves the time of the candidate more and will provide them the opportunity to rethink on their left out questions. Thus they will be less anxious to leave out any questions. They will be able to recheck the questions that they have answered.
  • Equal opportunity:- Aspirants will get the required opportunity to secure the seats in any medical college or any state. By appearing for the NEET Examination the candidates will get the opportunity to get admissions in the most prestigious colleges of the nation.
  • NEET does not affect reservation:- As per the mandate of the state governments states can apply their old framework of reservation system. 69% of the seats in the state of Tamil Nadu are in reserved category on the basis of class 12 marks. Rankings will be based on NEET Scores but reservations will remain the same as 69%.
  • Less scope of seats blocking :- This is one of the most common incidents in the field of Medical education. States which have countless number of private medical colleges face these problems. But the NEET aspirants don’t need to worry for this matter. Hence the chances of back office corruption will be less and students need not to pay hefty donations to secure seats.

Tips to prepare for NEET examination 2020

Candidates who are aiming for the preparation of NEET exam must follow certain process to excel in the exam. Hence let’s find out the ways that will prove to be appropriate for the students to crack the exams in one shot.

  • Candidates who are preparing for the NEET must be aware of the syllabus in a proper manner before jumping in to its preparation. Now one of the important facts here which matters the most here is weather the students are preparing by
    their own or seeking the help of private tuitions. If they are preparing on their own then things going to be a bit difficult for them. In most of the cases you may have heard that students may have sought the assistance of prominent coaching
    classes in the country to become the topper. Hence seeking the right assistance is the key to success in case of NEET examination.
  • The candidate must be well aware of the time management factors that hold the key for success in this exam. Disciplined approach towards the goal makes the will help the candidate to achieve the goal for cracking the NEET. A well crafted
    time table will allow you to make right selection of questions in the exam hall. The reason being you know both the weakness and strength of yours in a proper manner.
  • A NEET candidate must keep his /her basics strong. They must provide their full efforts in grasping the concepts well. So, that they can perform well in the exam. In depth Knowledge of the topics is very important to score well in the exam
    especially there where there is a requirement of conceptual questions are given.
  • Taking a full length Mock test is very important to increase the speed of solving questions in a small span of time. This will help the candidates to strategize the attempts in the exam in a proper manner. This mock test will help the candidates to get habituated to take the time pressure easily. But for that they need to make sure the level of questions must match with the NEET exam standards. Then only the mock test can prove to be fruitful.