Best Investment Plan for 2019

Best Investment Plan for 2019 : Hey guys what’s up I hope all of you doing fine! From a couple of days research, we have found that you people are searching for the best investment plan for 2019 where you can invest your hard earn money without the fear of losing the principal amount which you have invested. Whenever you thought of investing your money in any place, the thought has come to your mind that our money should not invest in the workplace. That is why we come out with this article, here in this article we are going to discuss the best investment plan for 2019 after doing in-depth research on all available investment options.

Now let us discuss some more information regarding investment fundamentals before jumping into the investment section. We dream that too make our investment money double within a period and to get a sky rock high returns on the investment. But the reality is the opposite. If you have the capability of taking high risk then there is a chance of getting a high rate of interest on your investment. On the other hand, if you are a nature of not taking any risk of losing your principal amount which you have invested under this case the interest is very low.

In the market, there are various investment plan are available you can choose the plan based on your needs and risk-taking abilities. For this, you need a little bit of research.  After reading this article you will be able to choose the best legitimate investment options in India.  investment is nowadays one of the most important things that we all should do. As this process helps us to make our lifestyle better and it also helps us to earn more extra money.

Best Investment Plan for 2019

1.Public Provident Fund

If you are an investor who does not want to take a risk and don’t want to invest your money in tax saving mutual funds, then I will recommend you to invest your hard earn money in public provident fund. The current rate of interest which is provided by the public provident fund is 8.5%, which is pretty good interests return you are getting without any Risk of losing your money. From this investment plan, you will so get tax exemption u/s 80c. The interest which you earn is tax-free. If you can save rupees 3 lakh per anum in public provident fund investment plan then you can earn 1 crore rupees in less than 20 years.

2.Invest in High Rated Secured NCDs

Nowadays invested are not showing interested in investing their money in company FD schemes because of recent IL&FS crisis. You can easily invest in high rated secured NCDs which will offer 8% to 10.5% interest rates. In the case of NCDs investment plan, the risk is slightly lower compared to unsecured NCDs or corporate FDs. This investment plan will be the perfect choice for that investor who does not want to take the risk.

3.Invest in Tax

Free Bonds from the secondary market- In the secondary market there are several tax-free bonds are available you can choose the bond who terms and condition preferred your choice and the interest which you earn from this bond are tax-free. For this, you just need to log in your Demat account and find the bond you want to invest your money. Currently, 6% to 8% tax-free return is offered by such tax-free bonds. if you are looking for a source from where you can get fixed income then this investment plan will be perfect for you.

4.Invest in Quality Stocks

This investment plan which is considered as a bit difficult one as compared to another investment plan. As you need to do a lot of research in finding stock and you need to be good enough to find the right stock to buy the right time to sell the stock. Always you need to analyze your stock. once you become an expert in this field then trust me you can double your invest money within a few minutes. Yes, this investment plan is only for that investor who wants to take the risk.

5.Invest in Equity Mutual Funds

Many of you invest your money in the mutual fund. Yes, a mutual fund can also be the best investment plan for 2019 in specific periods. Mutual fund purchase shares of several companies from your invested money (in a mutual fund). And it offers 12% to 18% annualized returns in the medium to the long term of 8-10 years. This investment plan is also not for that investor who doesn’t want to take the risk.

6.Invest in Debt Funds

It is an investment plan who invest Money in fixed income securities that would provide high returns compared to bank FDs. You will also get the option of choosing the tenure from short term debt funds or long term debt funds. From this investment plan, you can get 7% to 10% annual returns. This investment plan is mainly maid for Moderate risk to high-risk takers.

7. Invest in Tax Saving Mutual Funds

There are many tax saving mutual funds are available, where you can easily invest your money and can earn an annual rate of interest from 7% to 8.5%. you must invest in good tax saving mutual fund schemes to get more returns.

8.Invest in NPS

This investment plan is considered as the best retirement tools, where you can invest up to 1.5 lakh per annum. This investment plan is for that investor who does not want to take the risk.

Hope above Best Investment Plan for 2019 is help you to take a decision in your investments and get a overview on the market.

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