Bloggers: – Job Description, Career as a blogger, Employment & salary

Bloggers are basically Freelance writers they basically maintain an online journal on the internet. Basically, they are that form of a creative person who can easily make a great turn around for any business at any given point of time. The job responsibilities of a blogger are quite varied and unique in its nature. The posts that are being written by a blogger gets
updated all the time. There are basically two forms of bloggers that exist in the market the first of its kind are those person who is web publishers and the second type are those kinds of people who are bloggers for hire.

We bloggers are the future makers of any company they can easily make or break any organization.

Today, in the 21 st century online reputation matters a lot so a blogger can easily build that reputation for your website or for your blog site in a very small span of time. There are certain important things that companies need to take care off while hiring a blogger that they are quite an independent person and they are a quite free spirit personnel who can easily produce contents or can generate ideas that can help your business to earn profits to earn for decades without any issues very smoothly.

Before understanding more about this profile let’s get some idea regarding the job responsibilities of a professional blogger.

  • Continuous edition of the blogs If you want to become a professional blogger then on a continuous basis that person has to change or edit the blogs, Contents or any grammatical error if there are any in his or her write-ups. Blogger earnings also depend on the number of revisions he or she made in his or her contents. This will not only provide you with the opportunity to earn extra money but will also help you to harness your talents.
  • A quality blogger possesses the passion for writing and they write contents in such an appealing manner that it attracts the attention of the target audience very easily and in a very small span of time. Now engaging blog means including adding some relevant statistical data, videos and explanatory animations that can easily narrate what you want to communicate your target audience.
  • Promote your blogs with some social media channels and try hard to engage people with your social media channels. This thing is necessary to spread awareness regarding your business this will help your business to grow at a very fast pace. Today out of 100 % there are 90% of your target consumers you can find on social sites. Hence on those social sites, you can promote your brand through your blogging skills by providing the relevant information and services that your target consumers are searching in the market.
  • Try to make a comprehensive research on every topic and on the audience group as well as on the structure of the write up that will help you to bring more business in a very small span of time.
  • Make proper time management meet deadlines that your client offers to you. This will help you in understanding. The punctuality of the blogger to submit the task on time is the symbol of his/ her level of dedication. A dedicated and passionate person always win in his or her life. The reason is they can dedicate their tasks in making things in a proper manner they will help you to excel in their career. This habit will help a blogger to get more clients in future and to create goodwill for his career in the long run.
  • Be aware of the placement of the keywords:- A professional blogger is always well aware of the right keyword placement. The right keyword placement will help the websites to rank well on the SERP or any other search engines. This will reflect the Maturity level of the Blogger on Search engine optimization. One of the best things in this regard is to make things easier for the blogger who can help you to turn the things in the right order. These are some essential job descriptions of the blogger.

What are the highest and the lowest salary package that a blogger can get?

Let’s get an absolutely clear idea that what a blogger can earn on a global scale in each and every stages.
Bloggers earning in Global Platforms
a) In a beginner level or if you are a fresher:- Then you can earn around $20000
per year
b) In the Intermediate level or if you possess experience of 1-2 years then you
can earn up to $ 60000 per year.
c) In case of advance level with having 5-6 years of experience, you can earn up
to $120000 per year.

Hence, it is the real picture of the blogging profession. The experts from this field today have become big entrepreneurs of the industries like Neil Patel, Harsh Agarwal and many more are there.