Campus Placements in India

Campaus Placements in India

Top Campus Placements in India | Top 10 colleges in India Placement wise | the best colleges for campus placements across India

Top Campus placements In India:-As we know, nowadays getting good Job in top MNC is a challenge. Every student dream is to get a high profile or high paid salary job after their studies. As far as my experience getting your dream job is not a big concern when you choose your right path and right college. Here we see what all the colleges are giving good campus placements. The below analysis done based on historical years data and how many students got campus placements from that college and how the job drives conduct in their campus etc,.

Just we will talk about some theory here to go into college list. When you completed your bachelor or masters and your offer letter is ready before you leave campus, how good it is!! That is the beauty of campus placement. So are you ready to face a campus interview, obviously if you not aim for campus selection and day by day you lose opportunities in campus selection, you will come out with only a degree. If you work little hard and bit smart when you are in college and get a job then you move out from college with degree and as well as your life settlement.

Top 10 colleges in India for campus placements-

Because of time lack, I am not able to provide detail information on each college. I will have to cover in depth analysis in my coming article. However for your convenience, I am providing a quick information on each college like address and web address, if you are looking more details on the college I am encouraging you to click on the official website link provided below on each college and go through. So that you will get some idea about campus and curriculum of that college. Good luck! Happy searching! All the best for your career!!

Top campus section in India and top 10 colleges for campus selections in India

  1. Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT KGP)
  2. Indian Institute of Technology IIT Bombay (IIT Mumbai)
  3. Delhi Technological University (DTU), Delhi
  4. Indian Institute of Technology IIT Delhi
  5. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee
  6. Institute of Technology Banaras Hindu University (BHU-IT)
  7. National Institute of Technology (NIT) Tiruchirapalli
  8. National Institute of Technology (NIT) Tiruchirapalli
  9. Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Chennai)
  10. Indian School Of Mines-Dhanbad