Central Government Scholarships: Promote education in the financially weaker sections of the society.

The Central Government has always been on the go to help the entire country to get more educated. Time to time, the Government sanctions several schemes to give the young children scholarships, which will, in the end, motivate them to study more. The Government’s target is generally the weaker section of the society; it is because they are the ones who lack resources are unable to study. The central government time and again instructs each state to take out schemes as a part of the ‘Central Government Scholarship.’

The central sector scheme of scholarships for colleges and university students has been operational since 2008. The major objective of these schemes is to provide proper financial assistance to the deserving students whose family income is less than Rs 6 lakhs per annum. Through these schemes, the Government wants those students to continue their studies and work at the same time to make their both ends meet. The Government’s annual target is to give 82,000 scholarships each year, i.e., 41,000 for the boys and 41,000 for the girls.

These scholarship divisions are divided amongst the various state boards based on the population of the state, which belongs to the age group from 18-25 years. Those students who score anything above the 80th percentile in their relevant streams either from CBSE board or their state board, and are also pursuing a regular course and are not availing any other scholarships are eligible to apply for the international scholarships 2020. There are multiple scholarships offered by the Government, which has brought a lot of changes and helped many students to complete their studies and pave ways towards their dreams.

The Government of India has given the benefit of direct transfer of the amount of scholarship in the beneficiary student accounts.

These Central Government Schemes for Scholarship for College and University students had covered the benefit of Direct Benefit Transfer, which came into effect 1st January 2013. To benefit from the National Scholarship, the students need to provide with the Aadhar card or prove Aadhar authentication, which came into effect from 30th June 2017. Besides Aadhar, the students must have some of the documents, which are considered essential while applying for the National Scholarship 2020.

Here’s the list of the documents required to apply for the Central Government Scholarship.

  • Receipt of Aadhar enrolment ID.
  • An application that has been made for Aadhar enrolment.
  • Voter card.
  • Permanent Account Number.
  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • College or university identity card
  • The document is having the photo approved by the State Government.
  • Income certificate of the family i.e., parents of the students.

These are the required documents that students may need at the time of applying for the National Scholarship 2020.

Eligibility Criteria: The students who want to avail of these scholarships need to fulfil some of the criteria. If the student fails to complete the requirements, he/she cannot benefit from the Central Government Scholarships. So, here are the conditions that students should attain to receive the benefit of the Scholarships.

  • The student must attain the criteria for scoring more than 80th percentile in Class XII or 10+2 pattern and equivalent exam.
  • The student must be pursuing a regular course from the college or universities approved by All India Council of Technical Education, UGC Act, 1956, Medical Council of India, Dental Council of India and respective authorities.
  • The student must not be availing any of the international scholarships, or the state-run scholarships, including the fees waiver schemes.
  • The student pursuing the diploma is not eligible for the National Scholarship 2020.
  • Other than these criteria, the student’s family income must not exceed eight lakhs, if he/she wants to benefit from the scholarships.

Selection Procedure

The student who wants to apply for the Central Government Scholarship needs to apply on the National Scholarship Portal, at https://scholarships.gov.in/  once the application gets opened. After applying for the scholarship, the following selection procedure will be followed.

  • The student must be the pass out of 12th in the current academic year with the 80th percentile. The student needs to apply online for this scholarship, as physical submission of the application is accepted.
  • After that, the online application undergoes two-level verification procedure
  • Verification by the Institute in which the student is studying.
  • Verification by the State Education Board of the respective states.
  • The student needs to submit all the required documents mandated by the Institutes.
  • The application, it is not verified by any of the two, State Education Board or Institute, is bound to be considered invalid.
  • After the verification, a merit list will be made from the verified documents, according to the quota allocated to the various States.

Duration of Scholarships:

The student can avail of the benefits of the scholarships for a particular period. The length of the validity of the scholarships varies for different courses. These scholarships can even be renewed after a certain period.

  • The scholarship can be used up to 5 years of duration, based on yearly renewal till post-graduation. The same must be done in the same stream.
  • The student can benefit from this scholarship for one more year if a student fails to appear in the final exam due to serious illness. The student needs to submit the medical documents to the Institute, which, if approved by authorities, can benefit.
  • These scholarships are not available for those pursuing their careers in law, fashion, technology, etc.

The Central Government Scholarship has special schemes for the students of Jammu and Kashmir, and those for Non-Hindi speaking students for the post-matric studies in Hindi. Those of Jammu and Kashmir can benefit from the scholarship if their family income is less than six lakhs per year.

The Government is making many efforts to promote education through these scholarship schemes. If the student is bright and willing to complete studies, then it can take the benefit of this Central Government Scholarship.