Difference Between A Rural Student And An Urban Student

Difference Between A Rural Student And An Urban Student


Today, education is an essential character in the development of society. The school holds a significant position in securing the success of a student. A student needs to attain good skills and should be proactive, including a relevant futuristic mindset. Moreover, a student should also need to be engaged in co-curricular activities accompanying with extraordinary educational performance. The environments of learning also play a major role in education and the region where a student lives can define his performance in studies. The biggest reason behind the variations in performance is the geographic location, accessibility to technology, resources, and additionally, the quality of teaching.

The following study examines the differences between the performance of a student in urban and rural regions. The objective of the study is to conclude whether the geographical region is the factor for a student’s low performance.

Difference between A Rural Student and An Urban Student:

  • No teacher with a sound knowledge would like to go and work in the rural areas which lack in providing amenities and also with a minimum payout. Hence the rural regions lack good teachers, and some rural schools, there are no teachers! But in urban regions, a student can get a good and qualified teacher.


  • Lack of confidence in a rural student is one of the major factors that is dragging him back both academically and in general knowledge. But urban region students differ in composure. If a student is from a big school, most seemingly he will be involved in sports; at least he will have a piece of minimum knowledge.


  • Transportation is another major issue in rural areas wherein some students have to walk for kilometers to reach school and in some rural regions; students have to cross a river to go to school. It makes them think is it worthful of working such hard for education, rather can work in their agricultural fields or do some small works around. In contrast, urban areas have a good transportation facility.


  • Lack of Electricity is also one of the major reasons that is dragging a rural student back in his performance. If a student is a hard-working type, he has to transform himself into a being that can study in candles, lanterns, lamps, or any other thing that can give enough light to identify letters on the paper. Whereas in urban areas, there will be 24/7 electricity facility.


  • how does rural and urban setting affect learning? The biggest difference between a rural student and an urban student is that the way of leading their life. A rural area student cannot come out so easily for the extracurricular activities other than studies, marks. For him, sports, music, or painting is not a career but, finding a good job in his education with a good payout is the only way to excel in life. While students from urban areas can find their career opportunities by using a broad range of expertise available for them.



To conclude, even though schools from some rural regions provide qualified and expert teachers, there are many more factors that are dragging back a student from a rural area. Furthermore, parents from the urban region are much professional and can know the advantage of education. Parents from rural areas are limited and not foresee their children to improve their education.

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