Difference between Indian & US education system

The education system both in India and USA are far apart from each other. Both possess their respective merits as well as demerits. It is very difficult to compare the two systems of education. Again both the education system of the two countries has been developed by the legends of their respective countries and their world leaders. Americans who are not from
our country cannot be able to understand the framework of our education system. Both the education systems have their difference and similarities among each other. Just it’s up to you which education system suits your need and expectation.

Hence, let’s point out the difference of both the education system and chalk out the best points of each of them to give birth to a new education system that can change the lives of millions of students in both the countries.

Indian Education system on the pattern of (10+2+3)

In the previous decades of our country it is being considered that India cannot afford to provide world class education. But over the past few years due to continuous reformation and amendments of the syllabus structure this conception stands obsolete. The governing bodies work upon the loop holes of the education system over the past few decades rigorously. Bought necessary changes to the system where it is absolutely important. The methodologies of the teaching have been changed and new courses have been added to the system. Most of the people in our country have less knowledge about these factors.

Quality teaching staff is being selected along with the updated technology & infrastructure to train the students. The Concept of E- learning is gradually gaining momentum in our country. Basically education is the responsibility of STATE, CBSE and CISCE. These boards constitute the main boards in the country.

The academic divisions are categorized in to following categories in the country.

  • Pre primary
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Higher Secondary
  • Graduation
  • Post graduation.

The elementary education is being provided up to 8 th standard. The Secondary and the higher secondary courses start for 2 years duration. On the other hand the graduation courses stands for 3-5 years depending on the nature of courses opted by the students. Post graduation or for doctorate degree the 3-5 years duration is availed for the students in India. This is one of the basic structures of the Indian education system in the country recently. Similar information regarding online education is there in the website of Jobcareerbook.com

American education system

Compared to rest of the world American education system is the most advanced education system in the world. Local and the state governments play a very vital role in framing the curriculum of the schools and standardization. Each and every individual states control the education system in the country more precisely. The content of the chapter is taken care of what will the syllabus and what types of chapters will be taught in the school.

Though there has been great variation from the point of channelizing the education system in USA.

So, let’s get in to the details of these factors one by one to get a better insight of their education system.

  • First is elementary schools
  • Second is middle schools
  • Third one is high school education
  • Post Secondary College.

Schools in USA give more emphasis on practical learning and on the extracurricular activities.

Now before going to the differences between the two education systems of the country let’s find out their similarities among themselves.

Similarities of American & Indian education systems

  • Spending on education system is very high in both the countries.
  • Curriculum and syllabuses are all well structured.
  • Public and private schools are present in both the countries.
  • Availability of qualified teachers in both the countries.
  • In public schools both the countries provide free education opportunity along with meals.
  • Laboratories are of high qualities
  • The infrastructure is also very strong

Hence let’s get in to the major differences of these two systems one after the other

  • License for teaching is must in USA even for providing private tuition. This is not required in India.
  • Maximum 20-30 students a teacher can teach in a class in USA. In India 50 students can be taught in the class.
  • Extracurricular activities and sports are given importance as that of academic subjects in USA where as in India the extracurricular activities are not give so importance as that of USA.
  • In US the education system is quiet more flexible than Indian education system.
  • The standard of education system is not too high in USA but in India it is quiet high. Students in India are prepared to face the upcoming challenges of life.

There are several other platforms present in India which provides tuitions on online basis. They are also trying to transform the education system more in India.