Education Sector: New Trends Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

New Trends Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

New Trends Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, has created havoc since the past five months in not just India but worldwide. The entire globe today is shocked to adapt to the changes brought in, and things do not seem to get normal anytime soon. This Pandemic has affected every sector positively or negatively, and there is a rapid 360-degree change needed immediately in the overall functioning of the areas.

The New Era for the Education Sector: 

To maintain social distancing, all the educational institutes including schools, colleges, research institutes are shut since the mid of March 2020 to avoid any threat due to virus. Students were given to concrete plan in terms of how their classes will be taken virtually. However, COVID-19 Pandemic changed the entire dynamics of the education sector by transforming the physical classroom setup to a virtual one. There were already speculations that the education sector will undergo a tremendous transformation in terms of getting digital, but nobody thought it would be that early. As per a recent report, there has been a rapid growth of the online education market in India, and by the end of 2021, it will reach up to $1.96.

The year’s long blackboard and chalk teaching transformed into online classrooms which is driven by technology. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, New Trends Due to COVID-19 Pandemic there is an all-new emerging trend in the educational sector, and people are still sinking in this change.

New Trends Due to COVID-19 Pandemic:The Latest Trends to Look Out

 The global Pandemic has forced the education institutes, including both students and teachers to adapt to newer ways of teaching and learning without compromising in transforming the skills, knowledge and quality. To keep up with the demands and come back to routine, the education sector had to go through a fast-paced development which in no time changed into online education. With this change, both the teachers and students can connect more personally and interact effectively. For sure, the trend of online teaching will stay for a more extended period and might continue even after the Pandemic.

Learning Should Never Stop – Online Education a New Reality:

 Many of the educational institutes are eyeing on adopting a ‘Blending Learning Approach’. As per the new model of learning, education institutes will want students on a few days to attend the classes physically and in the remaining days, attending classes online.

The online education has moved more towards personalized learning for all the students, which helps them better to connect with the teachers and understand the concepts. Usage of AI (Artificial Intelligence) assists in providing a personalized experience to the students. This approach will benefit every student as the entire curriculum and way of teaching will be tailor-made for the individual’s need.

Online teaching was a very new concept for the teachers, and it did bring in many challenges at the same time. Teachers had to undergo detailed training to get their hands comfortable on online teaching and deliver lectures with ease.