Education Policy 2020 Updates: Life changing New Education Policy 2020

Education Policy 2020

Education Policy 2020 Updates : Pandemic has affected almost every sector of the country. The world is worried about earnings. Similarly, the young ones and their parents are worried about education. This pandemic has posed many questions in front of the education sector.

How will the student’s study? Will pandemic have a negative impact on education?

Indeed, this sector is not very different from the others when it comes to earning. But the challenge here is not earning; it is creating the future of students. Somewhere, the learning of the children is getting affected to a broader range. This will affect their whole life, so everyone is quite worried about it.

Amidst all these, here comes the news of a new education policy introduced by the government. The government of India, on 29th July 2020, took the historic decision of introducing changes in the education policy. The New Education Policy 2020, has replaced the old education policy in 1986. The education policy that was framed 34 years back has now been changed.

Is this New Education Policy 2020 beneficial? What are the new changes that have taken place in the New Education Policy 2020?

The above mentioned are some of the apparent questions that occupy space in everyone’s mind. So, here is all you should know about the New Education Policy 2020.


What is New Education Policy 2020?

The government of India recently decided to make changes in the 34-year-old education policy. Thinking it as a necessity, the government took the historic decision of framing the new education policy. The primary purpose of making changes in the education policy is to help Indian children learn and grow in the best possible way. The changes have been made taking care of the present scenario.

The government has taken the utmost care of each and everything related to child development. The New Education Policy makes sure that students don’t waste any year of their life. Education at each level is necessary, as it helps in the better development of the young ones.

What is the need of New Education Policy 2020?

India is a country that is developing at a higher pace. The country is trying to compete with the developed countries of the world. The 34-year-old education policy might hinder the progress of the country. When we are advancing, then we should keep ourselves updating. This is only possible if we have a good education policy that helps us become better citizens and compete with the outer world. Hence, the need was felt to make some new amendments to the policy of education.

What is the vision of the government behind introducing these changes?

The government’s central vision behind making changes in the education system is to make the country well developed.

  • The government is looking forward to making the knowledge of the country super powerful.
  • It will help develop the bond between the fundamental rights and create awareness about the changing roles and duties among the citizens.
  • This policy aims to develop skills and values in the citizens of the country.
  • The government is looking forward to instilling pride if being in Indian, not only in the minds of the citizens but also in spirits and deeds.
What are the critical changes in the New Education Policy 2020?

Suppose you are worried about what changes have been made by the government in the education policy. So, here’s all you should know about the New Education Policy 2020.

  • The government has made a single regulatory for higher education institutions.
  • The government has given ‘n’ numbers of options to the students to enter and exit the degree programs.
  • In New Education Policy 2020, the government has suspended the M Phil program.
  • The government has decided to lower the burden of University exams by introducing standard entrance exams for all universities.
  • The government has said that the schooling of a child will start from 3 years of age. The school education will be of 12 years of schooling. This will include three years of pre-schooling or.
  • The government has now changed the structure of 10+2. To emphasis Early Childhood Care and Education, structured as 5+3+3+4 for ages 3-8, 8-years, 11-years, and 14-18 years.
  • According to the New Education Policy 2020, the medium of instructions needs to be a mother tongue or regional language. The government has specified that the language remains as a medium of instruction and not the compulsory language. The reason behind keeping the local language as a medium of instruction, as children quickly understand the concepts more efficiently in their language. This will be followed by both public as well as private schools.
  • The concept of UGC, AICTE, NCTE has been removed by the government. Higher Education Commission of India will be the only governing body, excluding for the legal and medical education.
  • The New Education Policy 2020, gap between the different streams like science, arts and commerce. The policy gives the right to students to select the subjects according to their choice from the 6th standard itself, which will also include internships.
  • Students can now leave the graduation courses without wasting their years.

The graduation course needs to be 3 or 4 years. In case the student leaves the course after one year will receive a certificate, if left after 2 years, then they will receive a diploma, and if completed the course for three years or four years, then they will be awarded the degree.

  • The accreditation and standards of measuring the standard of college remain the same. But the government in 15 years, will phase out the affiliation of the colleges.

The New Education Policy 2020 has introduced a lot many changes in the way education will be received. Drastic changes have been made by the government, which has both positive as well as negative sides. The policy allows the student to choose and learn things about their interest. This will not only lower the burden of student’s education but will also provide them with the platform that will help them excel in their interest.

The New Education Policy 2020 has covered almost all aspects of the education system.  The government has taken care that no point gets ignored in the education system that can put down the country or its citizens down.

Let’s have a look at each aspect of the New Education Policy 2020 in detail.


  •    Quality of higher education system that includes colleges and universities

The primary purpose of higher education should be the all-around and creative development of an individual. The main aim of higher education is to give productive individuals to society and should prepare a meaningful individual. The individual is self-sufficient and is economically independent.

Some of the changes that are made in this section are as follows.

○ The main aim is to offer multidisciplinary universities, colleges and educational courses.

○ To provide education to the students in the local language, which can vanish the gap of language.

  •    Optimal learning and support to Students

The government has given the rights to the institutions and faculties to have autonomy. The main reason for giving autonomy is to make curriculum and assessment more innovative.

○ Students will be assessed based on the Choice-based Credit based system.

○ Support centres and counselling will also be made available for the students.

  •    Internationalization

The government here aims to make India the global study destination that will provide quality education to the students at an affordable price.

○ The country will promote faculty and student exchange programs with high-quality foreign institutions.

  •    Students activity and participation

○ The students will be encouraged to participate in sports, culture/arts clubs, eco-clubs, activity clubs, and many more.

○ The government has taken care that to manage the stress, each institution will have a counselling system.

  •    Financial support to students

The government, to promote education, has also said that students belonging to the merit list and other categories will be provided with the support. The government has urged institutions to provide more scholarships to the students.

  •    Motivated, Energized and Capable Faculty

The government has taken care that educational institutions are required to use the latest technology to teach students. Library, labs, toilets, faculty and facilities should be well equipped.

Freedom will be given to faculties to design their own curricular in their ways.

  •  promotion of the language, art and culture of the society.

The government has taken care that students should not only learn but also appreciate Indian culture. This will help them grow and also develop a sense of respect towards the society they live in.

The New Education Policy 2020 is looking forward to fading away from the difference in mindset, real duties, and languages that have prevailed in the society. This policy even allows the student to pursue two degrees simultaneously. 

In a real sense, the New Education Policy 2020 somewhere is student-centric and looks forward to developing them overall and love their country. The education will be in a real sense fun-loving. The education that will aim to learn in the real sense and not just to impose.

I hope this policy will make a positive difference in the life of students.

Will help India develop in a broader sense and become the education hub.