Evolution of Online learning and its future

Today, online learning has become the burning trend among the students as well as among the parents. The concept is not at all very new in nature. This concept of e-learning is very old of about 170 years. But the technology that is being used in current days is new. Basically, this type of courses or learning process was first initiated in Great Britain. In Great Britain assignments are provided to the students via mail. After the completion of the assignments students forward it through the mail. Real time learning with the instructor and the student is possible now a day.  

So, let’s check out the transition of online learning through the decades 

In the University of Illinois-1960 

When experiment was on a hike to create internet for defence forces in the University of ILLinois created the intranet. The intranet was basically created for students in 1960. In this form of learning students can enjoy online learning and access to course materials directly. They will also get the scope of getting access to recorded videos of live classes. After that it gets evolved in to PLATO (Programmed Logic for Automatic Teaching Operations). The concept of chat rooms, message boards, Screen sharing are all the concepts that were generated by PLATO to make the learning process much more interesting than ever.         

Lemonade stand-1979  

This was the first educational computer game that became very much popular over the decades. For Apple II the Lemonade stand was released in 1979.  Throughout 80’s for apple software package it came in to existence. Topics of online tuition classes were also discussed through this process.    

Electronic University Network  

This university was established in 1984 to help the school as well as colleges to get the online courses. In 1986 EUN offered its first online course to its students by the use of Commodore and DOS 64 computers. This was actually done before the launch of World Wide Web. Using the telephone lines and propertiery software this was made available to the students. 

So, these were the first three ground breaking thought process which has bought the era of online learning in to existence.  

For further information you can visit this site(https://www.petersons.com/blog/the-history-of-online-education/) b

Hence let’s explore the facts that in which direction the e- learning is heading currently.  

  • Re-innovation of e-learning:-

In each and every moment the online learning is evolving in its own new way. At the same time the learners are also engaging themselves in this learning process. The definition of education and training has changed rapidly over the past few decades. 

There are some new ways where people have indulged themselves in this learning process. 


  • Micro-learning:-

In this format of learning process the learners can go through the content in a small span of time. They are basically bite sized content. So, students need not to sit for long hours from their mobiles. They can access all the necessary information to make themselves exam ready. They can also enjoy the facility of online tuition classes from this. 

  • Social Learning:-

With the advent of outsourcing, downsizing, and the de centralization as a way to improve upon the chances of corporate efficiency the education system has also improved a lot. This made the social learning through YouTube, Facebook and Instagram as one of the medium for education which comes handy towards the students. 

  • Adaptive learning:-

In this form of learning process the tradition black board learning mode is no more required. Students can even enjoy online tuition classes by sitting back at the comfort of the home and listen to their instructors to continue their study. Different electronic tools are used to train the students. Similar form of information is available in the source (https://www.shiftelearning.com/blog/elearning-evolution-the-biggest-changes). 

  • Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality:-

With the advent of technology and with the development of science virtual reality is the new form of education. With Google glass , Facebook’s Oculus  and with the smaller foot prints of microchips this form of education system has taken its shape. For example complex medical surgeries and its procedures can be trained to the students in a very easy manner through virtual classes.     


  1. Students can enjoy the learning process. The reason being they can feel the practical scenario with the help of virtual e- learning procedure.  
  2. It will turn the classroom learning process more interesting in nature rather than being a boring lecture. The concepts will be clear and the scope of student development will be more and informative. 
  3. Students will get the scope of visualizing the concepts rather than mugging it up through the books. Thus online learning has created a new milestone in the education system. 

For decades the education system is evolving at a very faster pace. Just you need to stay awake regarding the latest trends of online learning process to keep your child stay ahead in the face of intense competition. The reason we all know the fact that at the end of the day the marks of the students speaks about the entire story rather than words. Hence, if you are eager to accompany in this new form of learning process you can switch on to the online platforms of various e-learning websites. 

So, it’s time to change and to witness the rapid growth of your child with the changing trends of learning process. The last thing you need to do is to keep your cool and make the right choice about your learning process about your academic career. Thus the world will now witness the big change in the education system in the coming decades.