FCI Manager phase 2 Preparation tips 2020

The FCI manager phase 2 preparation you need to start as early as possible so that you
can clear this stage successfully. The contest for this examination will be for 330 vacancies
this time. The number of candidates will be more and the seats are limited. This is why the
competition will be very stiff and the challenge will be more to clear the cutoff successfully.
One of the most important things in the light of this matter is the method of preparation
that you adopt to clear this examination successfully. Without strategy it will be very
difficult for you to crack this examination phase very successfully.
To crack the examination of the phase 2 Manager exam of FCI you need to follow certain
important steps so that you can get the maximum marks in the examination. Ro become
successful in any competitive government examination you need to prepare a well
organized plan to achieve your goal successfully. This is why you need to make the
preparation in a well planned and in a well organized manner.
There are several ways you can prepare and plan your strategy to score well in this
examination in an effective manner.

  • Know the examination pattern:- Knowing the examination pattern will help the
    candidates to score well in the examination. In the Phase -2 Manager examination
    of the FCI examination there will be 120 questions that you need to solve in 90
    minutes. This actually means that the candidates need to solve each question within
    7 seconds. This means you have to very fast and accurate in your approach. This is
    why prepare well from all the angles so that you can easily clear the cutoff in this
    examination. Thus prepare on the basis of the pattern of the examination.
  • Mock examination and previous years question paper:- Consistently give as
    much mock test as possible so that you can easily clear the examination. Mock test
    will help you to understand the level of your preparation. The weak and the strong
    zones will be clearly highlighted if you give more mock exams before examination.
    This will help you to take the precautionary measures to rectify your weak and
    faulty areas. Previous year question papers will help you to understand the repeated
    question that come in the examination. This is why you need to take care of this two
    aspects very carefully.
  • Keep your fundamental clear:- Try to keep your fundamentals clear and then
    build on it. Especially in subjects like Mathematics, English and Reasoning. These
    three subjects you need to keep your basics right then only you can work on the
    short cut tricks to score well and save time in the examination. Most of the time
    candidates jump on preparing for the short cut tricks without clearing their
    fundamentals. This makes them to lose marks in the examination so try to avoid
    these types of practice.
  • Try to complete the entire syllabus:– To score high marks in the examination it is
    very important that you must finish the entire syllabus properly. After the
    completion of the syllabus you can move forward to the next step of the preparation
    process. You cannot deny one important factor in the light of this matter that
    question can be asked from any chapters. You cannot say that questions cannot
    come from a particular chapter in which you have less interest. This is why the best
    option in this case is to keep your basics and fundamentals right to make a proper
    attempt in the examination without losing any marks.
  •  Prepare shortcut tricks and make time management:- Shortcut tricks will come
    handy in case of saving your time in the examination especially in the mathematics
    section. You cannot negate the impact of fast solving ability to save your time in the
    examination. The advance level preparation is the application of the shortcut tricks.
    But, before applying this advance method you need to clear your fundamentals and
    basics in the right order. Then only you can successfully build up your advance
    tactics and use it to save the time in the examination. Thus keep your basics right
    and advance forward in the examination in a proper manner.

Hence, from the above discussion, it has become clear that, how should you proceed in
your FCI manager phase 2 preparation. But you must remember one thing in the light
of this matter that while preparing makes sure that no important point is left behind
while preparing for this examination. Just try to be as specific as possible in attempting
the questions in the examination. Do not panic, in the last few days of the examination
be calm and cool in your approach. Be in your best form in the examination and try to
crack it easily without any scope of leaving any complication.