Fix Server dns address could not be found


Most of the peoples when search on their Chrome browser, they are unable to access some sites in the Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. They get the error dns address could not be found in some websites. So, if you are getting such type of error in your chrome browser then do not worry I’m here to help you.

What the ‘dns address could not be found error’ means?

So, the website is connected with the Hosting and Domain. The IP of every site has the numerical value which is shown to user by Domain name.

When the IP is changing or returning back to old IP this type of error starts appearing.

Most of the time error is faced due to the server down of domain and the site becomes slow so that this error starts showing.

Method 1:- Clear Chrome Host Cache

Most of the time error server ip address could not be found chrome comes because of some extensions. So, for fixing this error we have to Clear the cache it might be help.

Step 1:- First of all open the Incognito Mode of the Goggle chrome you don’t know how to open it. Do this:-

Click on the three-dot in the right side and here you will see the option of Incognito Mode or you can open by using key also Ctrl + Shift + N keys.


Step 2:- Now click on the search bar and paste this link and then press enter:-


Here find the Clear host cache button click on it and after clearing cache check whether the problem of dns address could not be found fixed or not.


Method 2:- Look Up IP and add to Hosts File

With the help of this method there are 50-50% chances that this error will be fixed because it requires the use of DNS servers to query the IP. If you are able to access the other websites and unable to access the particular website then you can try this. And DNS address could not be found in mac is appearing they can also try this method.

Open the below link in your chrome browser:-

Note:- Replace the with the domain name which you are unable to access and then take the note of IP address.


Here you will see many IP’s and they all are exactly same, but if it is not in you case then select the IP which is mostly used and then copy it.

Step 1:- Now, click on Windows button and then notepad right click and select the option Run as Administrator.

Step 2:- Now, click on files Open it and browse to:-


Step 3:- Choose all the files and there host.

Step 4:- The IP address in the bottom of the file will be appear in this format.


Step 5:- Now, just replace the with the IP address that we have copied before and the domain name with the link above.

Now, after doing this all Just save the file and Now try to access the site. If still you are unable to access that site then there may be chance that the site have some problem with their hosting or domain.

Method 3:- Use Google DNS

Most of the time chances that there are problem with the DNS server. So, we can change the DNS server to the Public DNS. It is the alternative DNS system which is maintained by Google.  So, you have to change the DNS manually.

So, for changing the DNS server to Google DNS server follow the below steps carefully because this method has high chances that it will solve your dns address could not be found error.

Step 1:- Click on the Start button.

Step 2:- Here search Network and Internet or if you not find it in search then, Go to Settings and there click on Network and Internet.


Step 3:- Here you have to select the Connection type in our it is Ethernet after that on the right panel click on the Change adapter options.

Step 4:- Now right click on the Connection and then select the Properties from the deep down menu.



Step 5:- After this click on the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and the click on properties.


Step 6:- Now, in the properties of Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) you have to select Use the following DNS server addresses and then enter as the “Preferred DNS server” and as the “Alternate DNS server”.

After doing this just click on OK button to make save the changes. That’s it now open Google chrome and check the error is fixed or not.

Final Words

I hope this article is helpful to you and the error of ip address could not be found. err_name_not_resolved is finally fixed and you are able to access the website which you are unable to access before. Follow the steps carefully if you are still unable to access the site or there may be problem with that site.