Future Trending Best Salary Jobs in Software Industry

Dear Aspirants! Conducted a survey and had a chat with many tech gaints. There are many interesting things and jobs which we found is going to be trend in future.

Every one think what is next and the technology is the answer.When C,C++ introduced every one thought this is what the software programming and nothing else required. After the evaluation within a decade there are many programming languages and jobs were created.

Now everyone thinking so much automation happening and artificial intelligence is acquiring in almost industries what is next?

As we seen days are past old technology will outdated and there are many new technologies evaluated,same as our passion like old clothes go new clothes comes.

Coming to the point what is the current trending jobs and as well future Trending jobs.

If we look at current industry below are the leading jobs.

1.Java programmer with advance topics

2. Selinium automation testing tool

3.Manual testing which is give more value if you know any automation tool like selenium

4.Content writing

5.Business analytics tools

Future Trending jobs

1.Machine learning

2.Big data analyst

3.Data scientist

4.Automation testers

5.Content writers

6.Digital marketing

The above jobs came out of my survey and not exactly it is accurate,however for sure those are the areas going to be trend in future. If you learn or invest your efforts in that area you will be standing in the competition and see good salary.

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