Government jobs in India

government jobs in India

Government jobs in India : With the growing population, unemployment is prevailing. Jobs are categorized into two categories- Private sectors, and Government jobs. People in India mostly prefer to get government jobs, but jobs are on the verge of extinction. For every single job post, there are almost 1000 people willing to get that job, this is all because of the increasing population.

Different jobs under government sector

Below are listed some of the best government jobs one can opt to get if he/she is living in India.

  1. Civil services

Civil services are one of the highest paying government jobs in India. Civil service is not only the highest paying jobs but also the most respected job one can look upon. Civil services include IAS (Indian Administrative Service), IPS (Indian Police Service), and IFS (Indian Foreign Services). To get a job in any of the fields above, you will have to clear the UPSC exam which is conducted every year. UPSC coaching centers are located in almost every city to prepare people for the examination. Civil services can be a dream job for most of the Indians if you are not into engineering, or becoming a doctor, or chartered accountant.

  1. PSU jobs

PSU refers to Public Sector Undertaking and is one of the highest paying jobs after Civil services. PSU includes BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited), ONGC ( Oil and Natural Gas Corporation), NTPC Limited ( National Thermal Power Corporation Limited), Gail, etc. PSU jobs provide employees with good pay with less burden. PSU jobs have abundant seats and if you are looking to join one then keep an eye on advertisements in the Newspaper.

  1. State Public Service commission

State Public Service commission jobs are much similar to civil services. Jobs under this field include RTO (Regional Transport Office), MRO (Maintenance, repair, and overhaul), etc, these are the jobs by State Public Service Commission with good payment. State Public Sevice Commission conducts the PSC exam every for different states in which the selected people are given jobs under various administrative services as per the state.

  1. Defense services

Defense services are another good option if you are looking for a respected and high paying job. Defense services include navy, army, and air force. NDA (National Defence Academy) exam is conducted every year, and it consists of two parts theory and physical, students must clear both sections in order to appear for the training. Good pay, official government residence, medical facilities are some of the benefits provided by this job.

  1. Government lecturer and college professor

Government teacher is one of the most profitable jobs under the government jobs sector. Government teacher not only gets a high pay but also a large number of holidays, working hours are lesser than any other of the Government Jobs. You can become a college professor after you have cleared your masters or you can become a college lecturer after clearing UGC NET Exams, which is held twice a year.


These were some of the Government Jobs in India one can look for. Apart from these jobs, there are various other jobs which you can look for, these jobs include- railway engineers, bank jobs, government doctors, scientists, insurance jobs, etc.


Government jobs in India and Benefits of Government jobs

What makes government jobs most demanded is the benefits provided. The benefits of government jobs make it most preferred over private jobs. Below are some of the benefits one can experience working in the government sector.

  •   A person working under the government sector gets his/her salary on time. What can be more peaceful than getting your hard-earned money on time? Whereas, private sector delays in salary and sometimes there can be a cut in salary if the firm is not making enough profit.
  •   Pension till death, one of the benefits which makes government jobs more preferable. A person working in the government sector gets a pension until he/she dies, which means no tension about the future. Whereas a private employ being paid less does not get a pension after retirement, you will have to make savings for your future.
  •   Government jobs are load free. The workload is very less or almost negligible. You get sufficient time to complete your other task with a very less workload provided. Apart from the lesser work-time, you get paid high. Non- government employment needs to work at least 8 hours a day then their salary is decided. The workload under the private sector is high, with less payment. You didn’t get enough time for yourself.

While on a government post you can prepare yourself for other jobs because of sufficient time and less workload, but it is opposite in the case of non-government jobs.

  •   Work with no skill. For any private job, skill is required, if the employers or the manager finds you not doing any work or not able to meet their requirements then you will be fired. Whereas for government jobs you require no skills, whether you work for 3 hours or 5 hours or for 8 hours, you will get the same salary. Salary is never pending in case of government jobs. That’s the reason why people consider themselves free working under the government sector.
  •   You need not worry about housing. A person working under the government sectors such as railways, forest department or any other government jobs can live in the quarters provided by the government without paying any rent. Employes can save their money instead of paying heavy rents of the house.
  •   If working a government employee you need not worry about any extra expenses, the government with providing you with any other extra expenses. You will get a dearness allowance (DA) and Travelling Allowance (TA) to cover all your extra expenditures.
  •   You need not worry about any day off. You can get a day leave or two without any cut in the salary. Whereas a private sector need to work day and night to get enough pay, and a day off can lead to cut in a day’s salary.

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