Hot Career opportunities created by the education sector in India by 2020

Today, the education sector of India is evolving at a very fast pace. Students and their parents are more interested in the interactive learning process. The education industry is the most thriving industry in India which creates lots of opportunities for the youths of the nation every year. Most importantly this is the recession-proof sector. It will not face any sort of recession at any point in time. The current day education sector has many interesting career opportunities for the youths of the nation. The reason is the education sector of India is switching from offline mode to online mode. This is why the requirement of the tech guys and creative professionals will increase at a faster rate. 

What is the size of the education industry in India? 

In a research study, it was found that the Indian Education Industry was estimated nearly to US$91.7 billion in the financial year 18-19. The possibilities are there that this industry will reach US$ 101.1 billion in the next financial year of 2020. This is happening because of the rapidly expanding digital market. Currently, India holds the second spot in the digital learning environment after the USA. Nearly 9.5 million users are there in this education industry right now in India.   

Hence, let’s find out the quality job profiles in the education industry in India that can help you to earn handsome money in this decade. 

  • Academic Manager:- With the advent of the professionally managed schools and various institutions in India the requirement for Academic Manager is increasing at a very fast pace. For improving the overall performance of the institution they are the sole responsible body. Providing outstanding academic services to the students is their prime objective. Along with that, profit earning is also their basic objective. In order to get this job, a candidate must have the knowledge regarding the functioning of the school, college or any such related institution. 
  • Academic research writer:- Due to the fast of online learning the demand for academic research writing is also growing at a very fast pace. A candidate who is seeking a job in this sector must have the ability to write blogs, articles, thesis, and preparing the study materials with proper and accurate citations ability. The candidate must be good enough to understand the need for the right information for which they are being hired.  
  • Manager in international student programs:- 

This is basically a very high profile job for which a foreign degree is mandatory. To manage and build better relationships with foreign institutions and to manage the activities in a proper way this post is very important. Their job role is basically to connect with international or overseas universities to bring the business for the parent organization. This is the most vital part of the education sector in India.   


A manager who is working in this sector must have knowledge regarding working in a higher education sector.    

  • Foreign Language Teacher:- In order to teach foreign languages to the students the demand for the foreign language teacher is quite high. The candidate who is going to work in this profile must have a very sound knowledge of different foreign language to teach the students. Along with that, the teacher must have good communication skills in order to connect with the students well.  


In the Indian education sector, the most common foreign languages that are in high demand are Spanish, Chinese, French, German and Japanese. The reason behind this is most of the Indian industries have trade relations with these countries over the past few decades. This is why the demand for these languages is very high. A professional in this field must be well versed with these languages to make their career bright. 

  • Higher Education Analyst:- Students are the main source of revenue for any educational institutions. This is why making a detailed analysis of the students taste and preferences are very important in this regard. A higher education analyst studies the behaviour of the students as well as their parents and submits that data to the management. 


This makes easier for the management of any educational institutes to take the corrective steps to fulfil the requirement of the students in a better manner. 


Where the education startups in India are focusing now?   


In the below-given pie chart, it is being clearly depicted that where these education startups are focusing 



Hence, from the above analysis, you can clearly understand how the education sector in India is progressing every day. The scope of career growth is huge in this sector. Many important positions are vacant and they need quality manpower. This is why if you are planning to build your career in the education industry then you are in the right track and you can achieve guaranteed success in your career in the long run. 

Just make the right choices in your career path.