How content writing and SEO are related to one another

A website without an SEO service is just like a body without a heart. A web developer builds a business website and the content writer writes the content for the website but the last and the most important part that getting high visibility on various search engines is only possible when your SEO services are quite impressive in nature. The basic goal of Search Engine Optimization is not only to find your site and pages but also to rank them higher on search engine results with relevant keyword searches from the end point of the users. This is why there are certain important procedures that the SEO expert must follow to keep their website rank in proper order in various search engines.

What are the essential factors an SEO Expert must consider before optimizing the content?

A content writing professional and a SEO expert must work in proper co-ordination with one another. A SEO Expert know it very well that, what are the keywords they must target so it is the responsibility of the SEO professional to guide the Content writer to write the contents on the mentioned keywords. We all know that contents alone cannot can bring the
traffic the SEO expert must build back links from various reputed sites to increase the chances of organic search.

Now, there are several factors a content writer must keep in mind while writing any content for any website.

a) The nature of business for which he is writing.
b) The type of products or services the company is providing to its customers.
c) The zone or the region where this product will be sold.
d) The demography which the company wants to target.
e) Do your clients want an informative content or a promotional content?
f) Try to identify the taste and preferences of your target audiences and prepare your
content accordingly.

Hence let’s get in to the details about some of the important points that must be taken in to consideration while optimizing a site.

1. Making a proper target market business analysis:-
You need to make a proper analysis of Meta keywords and visible text and various codes to determine that how well the website is positioned in various search engines. Therefore you need to understand that how much code is there compared
to the aspect.

2. Making a proper competitive analysis:-
Proper examination of the content keywords is very important. For making effective search engine positioning for your business website so that it can rank higher in Google. To make an effective analysis of the keyword you need to make proper analysis of the keywords. Picking the top 5 results in Google listings is very important. Thus you need to expand it as per the requirement.

3. Content optimization and Submission:-
Proper Title formation along with the proper usage of the keywords can help your brand to rank higher on search results. The reason being there will be perfect synchronization of the keywords with the title.

4. Creating proper meta tags:-
Meta Descriptions can influence the rate of click-through but are not used properly for the rankings. The reason being Google does not use the keywords any more for SEO purpose.

5. Place strategic search phrases on pages;-
You just need to integrate selected keywords into the website source for the existing pages in the designated content. Strategic keyword placing can help your brand to get the maximum visibility in a very small span of time. Keyword interlinking among various pages of the website can also become one of the advanced tactical approaches to rank higher on search engines.

6. Develop new sitemaps for Google and Bing-
For indexing your website properly it is very important to develop proper sitemaps in a proper way. XML sitemaps can be easily submitted in Bing and Google so creating both HTML and XML sitemaps will be the better option for you.

Thus from the above information it has become clear that what steps you must follow in order to rank your website higher in Search engines Just you need to be proficient enough to help your business to grow in an effective manner. Proper co-ordination between the content writer and The SEO expert is very important to get the desired out come. Now if you want to build your career in the field of SEO or a Content writing then you first need to be a good team player. Along with that, you must co- ordinate with your team time to time. This will help you to understand the requirement of the client and the requirement of the project in a proper manner. Thus, it will be a great help for both the departments to understand each other need and requirement to achieve the desired goal.