How lockdown has impacted the government jobs in India?

Lockdown has not only impacted the GDP of the country but it has also impacted all the government jobs examination by 2020. Careers of millions of government jobs aspirants are in stake. They cannot see their future in the long run. The vacancy will reduce to a great extent due to the downfall of the Indian economy. The upcoming youth of the nation have to compete very hard for seeking jobs in the Government sectors. This also may happen that various government job sectors may get shut down or may fall in the hands of the private sectors.

What is the condition of the government job pensioners?

This is just a short piece of information that the government pensioners will not receive the DA till 21 st July 2021. This fact clearly indicates the current state of scenario that ex- employees of the government job holders are facing in the current. Do not think that you are just facing the problem but the entire nation and its job sector is the incomplete stake. The earning avenues of the government are degrading with the closure of the market every day. This is why you need not worry much about these uncontrollable events.

Now let’s see that which government jobs exam gets badly affected due to lockdown.

  • Bank jobs:– Every year millions of candidates apply for Bank jobs for getting selected in the examination. In the case of bank jobs the question paper is quite tough but due to this lockdown when it will release its notification for the
    examination then it will be tougher than before. This government job examination 2020 includes banking jobs of IBPS, RBI, and SBI bank jobs. The positive part here is that students can make their preparation sharper by utilizing this lag time. This will help them to crack the examination very successfully.
  • SSC examination:- The staff selection examination is another largest recruiter for government jobs in 2020. This examination is also postponed due to the lockdown in the entire nation. Aspirants are feeling frustrated and they do not know that when these examinations will get rescheduled and what will be the level of difficulty the examination will have in its next session. This is why candidates need to prepare themselves hard before appearing for this examination. One thing you must remember that hope always wins over the adversity. Thus you need to be patient and continue to prepare yourself in a constant manner.
  • Railway jobs:- The RRB examination of 2020 is also postponed due to the continued lockdown in our nation. Just to avoid the chances of the spread of the disease among the locality and among the people who are not affected due to the
    COVID-19. Do not lose hope rather utilize this time to make your preparation stronger for the upcoming examinations. One thing you must consider in the light of this matter that Railways is one of the largest recruiters for the youth of the nation and so sooner or later they can arrange online examination from home with proper vigilance facility. This is why the chances of examination to get rescheduled in the online format may take place in the near future. This is why the best option is to keep yourself prepared for the examination in the upcoming days. Just do not get panicked rather prepare for the better outcome that you can get from the current scenario. Just you need to be optimistic in your nature.
  • Defence Jobs:– Defence jobs are not affected due to COVID-19 but the examination of these jobs is declined. This is another major sector which gets adversely affected due to the shortage of personnel in the current scenario. One positive fact is that when the lockdown will be over then the job vacancy in this sector will be huge. Hence the scope for getting the Jibs in these sectors will also be very high. Hence, there is no reason to dishearten just you need to keep doing your preparation at a consistent pace. Remember one thing the darkest night gives rise to the brightest star. So, it will be a foolish act if you lose hope and stay depressed at your home.

You can just utilize this time to make your government job preparation 2020 stronger. Convert the adversity into an opportunity. Remember one thing when you think positively then only you can succeed in your life. Nothing as such happened that you will get highly de-motivated. Just we all need to fight back in this adverse situation. If one door is closed then the other door will surely open just keep this belief system in your heart and try to build upon it. It is your hard work and dedication that deserve to win not this crisis. Just stay patient and prepare hard for the future.