How to crack FCI 2020 Phase -1 online Prelims Examination

Every year millions of candidates apply for the FCI Examination but only a few of them can be made it through to the final selection process. This is a comparatively easier government competitive examination to crack. But due to tactical errors candidates cannot able to crack these FCI Phase -1 online preliminary examinations successfully. Now there are certain
common but effective tips that you need to follow if you want to crack FCI 2020 phase1 online prelims examination. The competition this time will be tougher compared to previous years. Just you need to keep certain important things in mind while preparing for this examination.    

Currently, in the year 2020 FCI has issued the notifications for 4103 junior engineers. Hence the scope will be higher and competition will be stiffer. Just you need to follow certain important steps to fulfill your requirement for the selection process. In order to crack this examination, you need to take care of certain important things that can bother you or can be a matter of concern in the FCI 2020 Phase-1 online preliminary examination. This is why knowing the examination pattern is the most vital aspect of this case.    

  FCI 2020 Phase 1 Online Preliminary Exam Pattern  
Subject  (Language)

No of questions ( Objective MCQs of 1 marks each

English Language (Only English) 30 20 minutes
Reasoning Ability (Bilingual) 35 20 minutes
Numerical aptitude (Bilingual) 35 20 minutes
Total  100 questions of 100 marks 60 minutes

In the above table, the examination pattern and the time duration, as well as the number of sections you need to clear, is clearly mentioned.

Let’s figure out some of the important tricks to crack the FCI examination prelims 2020 successfully.

  • Prepare your plan based on exam pattern:- There are three sections in FCI 2020 Phase -1 2020 examinations that you need to crack. English section is of 30 questions and the rest two sections include 35 questions each respectively. Hence,
    based on this sectional division you need to device your strategy for the examination. This will help you to score more in the examination.
  • Build a proper study plan:- You need to divide your entire 24 hours in 3 different main segments so that you can give ample amount of time for the preparation for each section. This should be done considering the facts that which section you need
    to work more and on which section you can easily score with little effort. This plan must be an authentic and well crafted. This will surely help you to score more in your weak zones too. Just you need to consistently work on those areas.   
  • Regular Practice:- Your consistent practice for the examination can help you to score more in the examination. This must be a comprehensive practice which means you need to devote equal time in all the sections with due weightage. Equal
    distribution of the time in all the subjects on daily basis will increase your speed and accuracy. Solve previous years question paper of the repeated questions more to clear up your ideas and the concepts. Along with that, give regular mock test as the examination will take place on the online mode not the offline mode.   
  • Practice on the important topics:- When you make a practice on the important topics then the chances of getting common question increases in the examination. Your scoring rate will also increase as you need not to think much in the
    examination. The topics are already known to you and it is within your grip to score better marks in this section. This will also help you to solve the questions at a very fast pace and save your time for the difficult areas of the question paper. So, make things easier for yourself in the examination.   
  • Make a revision notes and focus on weak areas:- In case of Mathematics subject formulas hold the key and if you forget the formulas or the short cut tricks in the examination then it can ruin your dreams. This is why try to make notes on those
    formulas and revise every day. Spend at least one hour every day to recapitulate the formulas. This will help you to remember the important parts of the subject easily. Make notes of the synonyms and antonyms to remember the new words that you have learned in the English section. If you can follow this types of process then you can achieve your goals very easily.   

Last year the cutoff FCI Phase-1 preliminary exam was 99.5 and this time in FCI Phase- 1 Preliminary examination 2020 may be higher or lower than this depending on the difficulty of the examination paper or the passing rate of the candidates. Try to make as much less wrong attempts as possible. Otherwise it can kill your chances to qualify for the next round. Be stable and calculative in your approach. This can only help you to achieve success in the examination. Do not try too hard just make things simple and as easy as possible to create the chances for your selection. Try to give your best performance in the examination.