How to crack Indian Navy SSR and AA Exam?

Every year lacks candidates appear for Indian Navy SSR exam but only a few of them can make to the selection process. In every year SSR (Senior Secondary Recruit). This is one of the toughest competitive exams of India to crack. Candidates have to be many results- oriented and focused in their approach. Just to pass the written exam first they have to put
their 100% in order to clear the first round in a proper manner. Along with that, you need to be very much target oriented and disciplined in your approach for cracking this examination.

There are certain important tips a candidate has to follow in order to crack this examination in a proper way.

First of all, you need to know the exam pattern and the syllabus to crack this examination in a proper manner.

Subject Questions
English 25
General Knowledge 25
Maths 25
Science 25

100 Questions in 60 minutes

The entire paper will be of bilingual and the total time provided is one hour. Now the candidates need to know the education standard of this examination. The good news is it is 10+2 standards. Along with that, candidates need to pass in all the subjects in all the sections along with the aggregate in total.

Now let’s get into some of the effective tips that a candidate need to follow in order to get the things done in a proper manner.

  • Make a study schedule:– One of the most effective ways to crack this type of competitive examination is by preparing an effective study schedule. This study schedule must be prepared to keep in mind the syllabus as well as the exam pattern of the examination. A well-crafted study schedule helps the candidate to focus on daily goal settings that they need to achieve. Most importantly it is very important that the students must follow the schedule judiciously without any scope of the failure otherwise it will be of no use to them. More you practice at home the better you will perform in the examination.
  • Start with the easiest subject:– Start with the subject you are familiar with and the subject that seems very easy for you. This will help you to save your time as well as energy. This saved time and energy you can use on those subjects later that appear to be very difficult for you. Whenever you start with the easy subject then it will automatically boost up your confidence level. Ultimately this will help you to complete the difficult subject in a very small span of time. Do not allow any point of time to block your mind at any point in time. This will help you to proceed in your process of preparation very easy.
  • Make notes whatever you study:- If you prepare the notes whatever you study then it will help you to remember the concepts very easily. In subjects like English preparation of the notes plays a very vital role. The reason is in case of grammar, vocabulary, Antonyms and Synonyms these are the things that you need to remember and practice every day. This is why preparing the notes is one of the best ways to remember these concepts very easily. Remember one thing your notebook is one of your biggest friends when the last days of the examination arrive. The reason is if you note down the important points then you just need to go through it once and you will be ready for the examination.
  • Solve previous year question paper:- Whenever you solve the previous year’s question paper then you get the right insight about the pattern of the question paper of the examination. This will help you to strategize things in a better manner. Along with that, you can clearly understand the marks distribution in the question paper for every section. This will be a great help for you to formulate the plans in a proper manner. This is why the quality candidate practice more previous years question papers so that they can perform well in the examination. Solving previous year paper will help you to understand where you need to focus more and which are the weak zones that you need to put your attention.
  • Attempt more mock test:– Solving more mock test will help the candidates to identify their weaknesses as well as their strong zones. This will provide you with a clear picture where your preparations stand. Thus you will have a clear idea where you need to improve or you need to work hard for cracking the subject.

Hence from the above information, one thing has become clear that Indian Navy SSR and AA exam is not that easy as it seems to be. This is why candidates can follow the above- mentioned steps to crack this exam successfully without any problem. Just try to be as focused and reasonable as possible. Give your best and best of luck.