How to crack Intelligence Bureau Interview 2020

Millions of candidates give the Intelligence Bureau Examination every year. Only a few of them succeed in reaching the interview stage of Intelligence bureau and after reaching this stage if you cannot qualify the interview round then it will become a very disheartening matter. This is why the best thing in this matter is to make a full proof preparation before sitting for the IB interview 2020 this year. Just follow some simple but effective steps to get selected in this exam in a proper manner.  

There are several important points which most of the candidates overlook before sitting for the IB interview.    

Hence let’s check out some of the crucial points in the light of this matter 

    • Name:- In every interview when you are being asked to introduce yourself then you must state your full name first. Along with that, it is very important to know the meaning of your name in a proper manner. In some cases there are some names whose importance is related to mythology hence from there also the questions may be asked to you. It may also happen that your name may have some special connections you must know that too in proper order. The interview board of intelligence Bureau 2020 may ask these types of questions to you any time. 
    • Place:– Sometimes such a type of questions may be asked to you in the interview board which is very much related to your life but you did not know the answer to it. Likewise for which reasons your home town is famous for. These types of questions also may be asked that name the famous personality for which your home town is famous for. These types of common but unnatural questions may be asked to you in the interview board. Remember one thing the board will try to select the best ones, not anyone.   
  • Educational qualifications and Academics:- They can also ask you questions regarding some of your academic qualifications. Likewise, they can ask you questions from your background like from where you have been graduated. They may also ask you the questions regarding your marks if your marks are good enough then there is no problem but if you have fewer marks then you can showcase your other achievements that you have gone through in your career phase.       
  • Gap:– In your CV if there is any gap then they might start to question you more on this factor. The basic intention of them is to understand whether you have sat idle in your career phase. You just need to adept yourself for such questions at the time of your interview. Don’t just get nervous in such question just reasoned with them with true factors as best as you can. In intelligence bureau interview you just need to present yourself in a smart manner so that you may be able to create a positive impression in the minds of the interviewer. Don’t allow them to grill you with questions just try to bifurcate the factors if necessary.   
  • Strengths & Weakness:–  

Try to highlight your key strengths towards the interviewer and make them feel confident that you are working on your skills in a constant manner and will recover from this weakness very soon. This will help you to get selected very easily as your positive attitude which you will show in the interview board can help the interviewer to understand that you are ready for job profile for which they are hiring. 


Hence, try to create chances for yourself every time as much as possible.  

  • Family background:- This section of the interview is the most relaxing part of your interview. At times the interviewer may ask you about your family background they may also be able to ask you that, how many members are there in your family or what you will do if you get the job salary. These are some of the interesting questions that they can easily ask you where you may feel comfortable or at times you may also feel uncomfortable. Just try to as calm as possible before any sensitive questions so that, you can handle such questions with ease. 


Just you need to stay calm and compose before the interview board. First, listen to their questions carefully and then answer it one after the other. Remember one thing, that in Intelligence bureau interview you need to have a very calm and sharp attitude to handle the questions of the interviewer in a proper manner. At times they may ask you various uncomfortable questions which may you not be prepared for. 

Hence don’t get panicked with the questions, on the contrary, give such an answer that can easily impress them and they can feel confident about you.  

Therefore, just give your best and stay calm before the interview starts.