How to Crack SBI clerk exam 2020 in First attempt

Cracking SBI clerk exam 2020 is not that tough as it seems to be. Every year lacks candidates appear for this examination but the seats are limited. The seats are not in lacks they are in thousands. This is why the competition is huge and the difficulty level of the question increases. Along with that, the cut off for the selection process also shoots up. This is why only hard work is not enough to crack this examination in the first attempt. Candidates need to frame certain effective strategies to crack this examination in a proper manner.

There are basically four subjects are there to cover in the SBI clerk examination 2020 They are as follows:-
a) Reasoning
b) English
c) Computer Knowledge
d) Mathematics
The best way to device the strategy is to break it on the basis of subject wise so that it can be easy for the students to follow it in a proper manner.

Preparation strategy for the reasoning section:- The reasoning is the most scoring and easy section for the students in this examination. They just need to follow certain tips to crack this section in a proper manner.

  • In the entire 24 hours of a day the candidates just need to allow 2 hours per day for the practice of this section.
  • The most important part of this section is the consistency. Students need to practice this section consistently every day.
  • Students can also practice puzzle games to get better into this section.
  • Logic and reasoning gets better when one person thinks smartly and as per the need of the situation.
  • Candidates cannot break their focus and attention while preparing for this section. They should be very well acquainted with syllabus and the pattern of questions by going through the previous year examination papers.

Preparation strategy for the English section:- To crack the English section is not that difficult for the students as it seems to be for the students. There are certain simple tricks and tips available using which students can easily crack the section very easily.

  • Daily practice of the grammar section is very important to excel in this section.
  • Just devote 30-40 minutes a day for the vocabulary section to become perfect at it.
  • Just try to learn 3 new words every day to improve your vocabulary.
  • Try to frame new sentences with the new words that you have learned every day.
  • Give some extra time on improving your synonyms and antonyms this can prove to be a great help for you in the future.
  • In the case of spotting errors section try to read the complete sentence carefully this will help you to identify the errors very easily and in a very small span of time.

Preparation strategy for the Mathematics section:- This is the most tricky section among all the section of the SBI clerk Examination 2020. Just they need to follow some tricks to crack this section in the first attempt.

  • Candidate must try to devote 3hours a day for this section. This section requires regular practice and the learning as well as the application of the short cut tricks in the examination to save time.
  • Memorize the formulas every day so that you can remember the formulas of the most crucial chapters very clearly.
  • Try to take a minimum of 2 mock test every day this will enhance your analysis capability to understand that where you need to make an improvement.
  • You can also practice free quizzes every day on a particular chapter that you have completed practising.
  • Try to complete the entire syllabus as soon as possible. This will help you to make revisions of the chapter multiple times.
  • Practice Mathematics at home when your mind is absolutely calm and composed otherwise there are chances that you may get forget the tricks in your examination that you have practised in the home.

Preparation strategy for the Computer aptitude:- This is also not a very tough section to crack in the examination in the very first attempt. Just the students need to follow some simple but effective tips to crack this section.

  • Just give 2 hours a day for this section every day this is enough to crack this section.
  • Students must learn the computer aptitude every day so that they did not feel uncomfortable in the examination.
  • Prepare the notes of what you have read.

Hence, these small but effective tips can help the students to crack the SBI clerk exam 2020 in the first attempt very easily. Just they need to follow the above-mentioned tips judiciously in order to achieve the desired result. Consistency, focus and attention towards the goal are very important to crack this examination. To give your best you need to make yourself the best to stay in the competition.