How to crack SBI Clerk Mains English 2020 examination

The English section of the SBI Mains 2020 Examination is the easiest area to score marks. But most of the candidates afraid of this section where they can score the maximum marks very easily. This is actually the irony not the myth. But the matter of fact is you can score high marks in this section very easily. Just you need to follow certain simple steps on daily basis to achieve success in this area. You have prepared hard and reached the Mains round of SBI examination. So, you cannot afford to lose this opportunity.

There are several tricks available to score well in this section of English. But the important thing is to follow the steps in a proper sequence. If you break the pattern of preparation then you cannot succeed in this section. If you want to achieve success then you first need to understand certain basic and fundamental aspects of this section in a proper way. Only after that your preparation can bring a positive result in the examination for which you are preparing. Two things will help you in making the paper easy for you watching related videos and reading more newspaper.

The strategy you are going to set for the preparation of the SBI clerk Mains English section 2020 examination will play a vital role in helping you in seeking the success in the examination.

  • Know the examination pattern:- The basic criteria for cracking examination is to understand the examination pattern whether it is SBI clerk English section 2020 Examination or not. There will be total of 40 questions that you need to solve in 35 minutes which means 8 seconds you can spare in each questions. This is why you need to prepare well to maintain the right speed to attempt the maximum questions in the section.
  • Divide the English section in 4 groups:-Divide the English section in 4 main groups’ grammar, vocabulary, verbal ability and reading comprehension and devote 4 hours every day in the English section for making your practice stronger. Give 1
    hour in each section during the preparation process every day. Now try to figure out that in each section how many marks are allotted in each year. 
  • Improve your reading comprehension skills:- In the above mentioned table you can clearly view that there are 13-15 questions comes from the reading comprehension section. This is why if you want to score high marks in this area then you need to read newspaper daily, books daily, and give the mock test daily to make the maximum number of correct attempts in this section. The shortcut tricks to solve this section quickly are to read the question first in this section then you can get a reasonable summarized idea of the entire passage and can answer the questions very easily.
  • Work on your grammar section:- Approximately 12 questions every year comes from the grammar section. This means you need to work hard to score more in this section. Spotting errors and fill in the blanks with appropriate words comprises of the grammar section. To score the maximum marks here you need to work on the grammatical rules to understand the variation of the questions to provide the right answers. The most interesting fact about this section is you can easily answer all the questions correctly in this area if your grammatical base is strong.
  • Prepare on your vocabulary:- Idiom phrases, Antonyms and Synonyms, Para jumbles ate the part of this vocabulary section. Just make stories on the new words that you learn every day. Watch videos on the internet related to the phrases and idioms this will help you to remember the words in the examinations very easily. Out mind captures the pictures very easily this is why you will not forget the concepts once you read this section in a thorough manner. In the SBI Clerk Mains Examination English section 2020 examination you cannot afford to lose marks in this area. The reason is this is the most scoring area of this examination.

Hence, with proper details and division of marks the strategies that you can adopt in the English section is being explained above. Just you need to follow this strategy judiciously without fail. Remember one thing that does not make any wrong attempt in this section otherwise it can ruin your aspirations very easily. In SBI Clerk Mains English Section 2020 examination you need to spot the scoring areas. The English Section can help you to clear the examination successfully just you need to keep your process of preparation and the attempt in the right sequence or the order.