How to crack the Territorial Army exam in the first attempt?

Territorial Army is not just an exam it is that platform which can change the lives of the millions of aspirants who will appear for this exam. Just the students who are going to appear for this exam need to have the three most important things in them to excel in the exam. First is patience second is smart work and the last is the right selection of the questions. Hence, there are certain important strategies are there that a student must follow to crack the Territorial Army exam in the first attempt. There is one, important information that is very important here. A candidate can give this examination up to 42 years of his age.     

These age criteria make this exam very unique among all other defence examination that is conducted in India.   

Apart from this let’s get into the details about some of the important strategies that a student must follow before the exam.    

  • Try to clear up the individual cut off first:-   

First of all, let’s share some important facts with the aspirants of this examination. There are basically four sections in this examination. They are Mathematics, Reasoning, General Knowledge and English. In each individual section, the cut off is 40 per cent and in aggregate, a student must score 50 per cent of the marks.  This is why it is very important to keep a target of scoring at least 30-35 marks in each section with the correct answer.     

  • Try to score maximum marks in your strong areas:-  

Before the examination, this is possible that in some sections you may have a feeling that you are very strong. Then try to score maximum marks in those areas. One best trick here is that you prepare three sections very strongly and the left section tries to score the qualifying marks. This will help you to crack the exam in the first shot.   

  • Solve previous years question paper:-   

Solving previous years question paper will help the students to understand the question pattern properly. This will also help them to sort out the easy questions and tough questions. Hence it will save their time and effort very easily. Due to the application of this method the student will understand the level of difficulty the paper has. So, they can make their preparation accordingly.    

  • Diverse questions come from GK section:-   

In GK section diverse questions come from various subjects which include Economics, Science, History, Geography, and Current affairs. Hence, it is better to read 100 new questions per day from each topic per day. Students can take the help of internet and from the books, in this case, the Arihant exam authors for Territorial Army book for male and female officers will be the best book for them. The latest edition covers all the topics that are required for the exam to crack.   

  • English needs practice and tactics:-  

Focus on one-word substitution, antonyms and synonyms as well as sentence correction because the maximum question comes from these areas. If a student can make themselves strong in these areas then they can surely clear the sectional cut off in this section. Hence this will make the preparation very strong for the students.   

  • Elementary mathematics needs short cut tricks:-   

Short cut techniques can save time and can increase the speed of solving the questions in the examination. Hence focus more on these sections in a proper manner. Another most important fact here is trying to solve the mathematics in the mind first. Anywhere you find any object try to frame questions in your mind then the process of learning will become more practical and innovative in nature.  

  • Don’t get stuck to any questions in the exam hall:-   

This is one of the basic rule of thumb that a student must not get stuck to any single question. If a student gets stuck to a single question more than 3 minutes then it can ruin their time. Hence, if they get stuck to a single question then it is better to move forward to the other questions and attempt this question later. 

  • Don’t go beyond your knowledge:-   

This is another most vital aspect of this examination. Answering wrong questions can easily ruin your dream of becoming an Army officer. The reason is negative marking. So, try to reduce the negative marking as much as you can. Ultimately, this will help to score good marks and clear the cut-offs in the entire section proper manner. 


Hence, these are some of the important strategies that a student can follow before appearing for the Territorial Army exam. Bur one thing is important here that a student must know the marks division and arrangement of the examination pattern for this to crack this exam in a proper way.  



Paper-1 10:00 to 12:00 noon

Paper-2 02:00 to 04:00 pm

This is the exam timings that are mentioned above in this article.