How to crack the Territorial Army in the first attempt?

Territorial Army is that exam where the candidates need to very precise and accurate in their process of preparation. They cannot afford to relax at the time of preparation. To live your dream you need to be very much disciplined and dedicated in your approach of preparation. To crack this exam successfully in the first attempt they need to strategize the things in proper order for that the first thing which is very essential is to know the syllabus well for the examination and the topics they need to cover.

So, let’s get into the details that which sections a candidate need to cover in order to crack the Territorial Army exam in the first attempt.

  • Reasoning
  • Elementary Mathematics
  • English
  • General Knowledge

After this let’s get into the details of the distribution of marks and the time duration of each section.

Sl No Paper Subject No of questions Marks
1 i Reasoning and mathematics 50+50 100
2 ii General knowledge and English  50+50 100

Now let’s get an idea that which forms of strategy can help the students in cracking the exam in a proper manner.

  • Understand the marks distribution and time pattern:- There will be a total of 200 questions and 200 marks. Each section carries 50 marks and an individual candidate will have to score 20 marks to clear of the cut-offs in each individual section. But in aggregate they have to score 100 out of 200 marks. So it will be better for the students to target 25 marks in each section to clear the cutoff easily.
  • Try to reduce the chances of wrong answers:- For every wrong answer ½ marks will be deducted but if you do not answer then any negative marking is there. So, it is better to answer those question which you have full confidence. Try to avoid as much wrong answers as possible.
  • Try to chalk out the scoring areas at the time of preparation:- To chalk out the scoring areas you need to make a detailed analysis of the syllabus of this year T.A. examination. So, let’s get into the details of the scoring areas of each section one by one.
  • Reasoning:- Analogy, classification, number series Alphabetical series, coding- decoding, missing number, Venn diagram, Figural series Figural analogy and Figural classification. Two more part is there like Blood relation and Direction sense But these two portions will consume more time than other two so if required you can avoid these chapters also to save time and attempt more.
  • Mathematics:- Trigonometry, Statistics, Linear Equations, Geometry, set theory, Mensuration and Number system are the scoring areas in Mathematics. Use short cut tricks as much as possible to reduce the chances of time loss in the examination. Don’t give more than 1min 20 seconds in each question. Logarithms and polynomials are the time-consuming part of the Math’s section. So, if your practice is very strong then attempt it or otherwise leave it in the examination hall to save more time for your other questions. Another important thing is keeping the formulas in your fingertips especially for chapters like profit & loss, Mensuration, and Trigonometry. This will help you to score good marks in the exam in this section.
  • English:- In the case of English keep your Vocabulary strong. It actually means you have to be very precise in this sections like Synonyms, Antonyms, and One-word substitution and if you know this well you can score more and if you not then your score will get reduced. So, it will be better for you to keep this portion very strong especially in the English section.
  • General Awareness:- In this section 30-40 per cent of the questions come from Indian history, 10-12 per cent questions comes from the Science portion and 40-45 per cent of the questions comes from Civics and Economics. Thus make your preparation on the basis of these chapters and you can score more in this examination.
  • Keep three sections very strong:– Honestly speaking it is not possible for a student to score more marks in all the sections but they can score more marks in at least three sections and keep one section for just to qualify the cut-offs at least must score 20-25 marks in that weak portion in that section.

Hence from the above information, it has become clear that what type of strategy a student must apply in order to score good marks in the Territorial Army examination. Just you need to focus on those points mentioned above. These techniques and tips can prove to befruitful if you follow these points judiciously. Otherwise, it is of no use if you only go
through these points and don’t apply these points in your practical life. Try to prepare well and make the best out of this examination. Fulfil your dreams and serve the nation with pride.

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