How to crack UPSC interview 2020

The Union of Public Service Commission or UPSC examination is one of the toughest examinations that are being conducted by the staff selection commission. The allotted vacancy for this examination is 800-1000 seats and for this amount of vacancies 5 lacks candidates contest against each other. Only few of them get selected for the final round.
This is why the no one would like to lose this best chance to lose the job opportunity. Now after reaching the final stage of the interview process which strategies you need to follow to get the job.

There are certain important things that you need to keep in mind while sitting for the SSC interview 2020. There are certain simple but effective tips and tricks you can apply to crack the UPSC interview 2020

  • Enroll for the mock Interview:- Once you seat for the interview without any prior preparation in the UPSC then it can become a complete disaster. This is why to avoid such a scenario it will be a better option for you to go for at least 4-5 mock interviews so that the idea for the interview session becomes clear to you. This will also help you to upgrade the level of your confidence before the interview process.
  • Read your DAF Carefully:– A Detailed Application Form every candidate need to fill up before sitting for the interview. This is why it is very important that the candidate must fill up the form very carefully. The reason for this is the things that are being written in your DAF may be asked by the interview board. So, be cautious while filling up the form do not write anything that you are not confident off or you do not know or you don’t posses any knowledge of that thing. Otherwise this can easily ruin your entire interview process.
  • Maintain the right body language:- The first impression is very crucial in any interview process you appear. This is why you need to be very cautious regarding your gesture, posture, regarding your personal appearance and eye contact while answering the questions of the interviewer. Your right body language can give a positive impression towards your prospective employer. This is why it is very important that your appearance before the interview board must not be dusky or dull in nature. Try to be as smart and presentable as possible.
  • Be updated on your current affairs:- In most of the UPSC Interviews Current affairs are the most important part of the interview questions. Better to say the events or the job profile for which they are hiring you questions may be asked on that topic. So, you need to be very through with the answers. Keep yourself updated with the latest events, Government policies, current news, on the economic surveys, current government plans and regarding your own job profile on which you are going to work. These things are of prior importance for cracking the UPSC interviews 2020.
  • Work on your confidence level:- Some of the candidates are of the habit that they feel nervous and feel tensed or nervous before any examination or the interview. This phenomenon is quiet natural among many people. But the matter of fact is to overcome this fact and to speak in a clear voice so that the feel have a feel that you are a confident person and can accept any sort of challenges that will come on your way while performing your duty. Giving such an impression is very important so that you can get a step further in the process of the selection by the panel.
  • Improve upon your listening skills:- There are certain candidates who are in a habit to talk more than to listen things. This behavior can prove to be very fatal in the process of interview. The right attitude is to listen to the questions first then answer the questions. This will help you to understand the question and you will also understand that what type of answers they are expecting from you. This is the most vital part of your communication skills that you need to work upon before you appear for the UPSC interview 2020.

Therefore if you can follow the above mentioned tricks in the interview process then your chances of selection will rise up. One important thing you need to remember while appearing for the UPSC interview 2020 that you will have to face your competitors in the interview process too. Along with the panel is searching for the best candidates from the millions they have options in their hands. This is why you have to be very alert while giving or framing your answers before the interview board. You can only achieve your objective when you will follow these mentioned points judiciously.

Nothing to worry doesn’t get over tensed or over relaxed just stay cool and calm before the interview panel.