How to do Job Search

How to do Job Search

How to do Job Search

How to do Job Search :- As I remember my Initial days ,Job search  was little tricky and some time end up with frustration. So I thought to share my experience with you guys.I hope it will be helpful and useful to your job search and make it easy job search.

When you come out from college you will feel like alone and  not get a way to search your dream job.Some of your friends already got a placement in college and some of them placed once they moved out from college.However all of your friends satered settleling in their dream jobs.How about you and why you are failing to get placed,think twice are you in right way in your searching? Where did you failing? Is your luck bad and running with bad days?

I am trying to answer all your above frustrations.Here you go step by step and see where is the miss and where do you corrected.

1.As I mentioned in one of my previous post ‘How To Get First Job‘ we need to look over some of the channels to get your dream job ,those are

i.Create a Key – May be not understand  🙂  when you want to enter into a house you should have open the door with a key and enter into your house.The same way when you want to step into Job world you should required your own key.I am pretty sure the other door key never work to open your door.Same way you create your own key to open your job door instead of keep listen and depend on other’s key.

ii.Resume –As I mentioned above now time to resume your skill set to the Job world which you treat it as a key to open your dream world.Create your resume with your skill sets by help of your seniours or the one who placed recently in a job.But my suggestion is don’t over hipe.

iii.Create accounts in Job portals– With the above keys you will start to walk till the job gate with help of some roads that is nothing but job portals like in India Naukri,linkd In etc,.Create a account in these kind of websites and keep track on daily job updates.

iv.Get Reference from your seniours or Friends-Usually the guys who already placed in a company they are the one who knows any job inside their house and they can share with you if you are he/she close friend.This is the time ask them to refere your profile to their company HR.Thats it you are done half of the job and get ready for interview.

2.Once you are done with above steps and when you get a call for interview ,you may have start to scare what to do next? But dont worry Interview is a  process to share your views with opposite person like you.Only difference with him/her is they are questioning and listening your listening and answering .Does this mean ,are they know very well? Not at all guys ,I am damn sure they are obviously like you and by given interviews like you they have placed before you and day to day work they might have learnt some thing.Apart from I am openly challenging if they go and attend the interview in a different company on same day they will also in your situation and may not go through interview process till last round.

Conclusion-Whole story in short be confident and create all required tools and crack the interview when it comes to you.Dont loose hopes till you get placed . As we seen Initial days every thing seems so hard once we get into flow you will rock.