How to handle the interview for defence jobs in 2020

In India currently, the demand for defence jobs is increasing at a very fast pace. It is not very easy to crack this defence job interview. In many cases, it happens that after multiple attempts a candidate gets selected in the interview process. This is why you need to be both mentally and physically fit, strong and prepared enough to crack this interview. Just you need to be very well prepared before the interview after cracking the written exam. Now let us find out some of the important factors that you need to consider in order to crack the interview in the first shot. 

Here are some of the killer tips to crack the interview for the SSB interview this year 2020 

  • Try to make your preparation full proof:-   

The defence job interviews are not that of one day matter just like any other corporate or government job. This is a time-consuming process and here maximum of the candidates lose their focus as well as concentration. The reason is they don’t know the procedures of the SSB interviews.   


In the case of defence, jobs try to extract as much as information and learn more about their interview process. This will be helpful for you while you are going to face the interview process. There will be multiple tests or you can say that a series of test will be held in the interview process.   


At the initial level, there will be a screening test after that if you are able to clear this test then there will be a group discussion. Once you clear the GD round you need to stay at the SSB centre for 5-6 days for other sets of test that will be conducted there. Likewise, for 5-6 days the interview board will conduct various other types of test like 

  1. Progressive group Task 
  2. SRT(Situation Reaction Test). 
  3. WAT( Word Association Test). 
  4. Command Task. 
  5. Final Group Task and lastly the 
  6. Personal Interview is conducted to absorb the right candidate.   
  • Make rigorous practice and do test wise preparation practice:-   

Rigorous practice for the aptitude test is very important to crack this defence job. You can help with various study materials that are being scattered on the internet for NDA and CDS examination. 


But even if you crack the written test still you are not safe for the selection process. The reason here is your physical fitness, presence of mind, your analytical ability, decision-making ability will also be tested here on the different round of the interview sessions. Good communication skills and decision-making ability will surely help you out to get the scope for this job very easily. Hence you need to work on this fact rigorously.   


  • Don’t ignore the importance of current affairs:-  

In most of the cases, it happens that candidates ignore the current affairs at the time of P.I. (Personal Interview). This can prove to be disastrous as sometimes in the interview board they may ask questions from the current affairs and if you fail to answer them with proper reasons then the chances of your rejection will increase. 


So, the best thing is to increase the knowledge of your G.K. as much as possible. In order for that, you can read various Newspapers, News headlines you can also watch on a daily basis to keep yourself always updated in comparison with your competitors. There are various news journals available on the internet where you can easily get the details of any updated breaking News you require.   


  • Some important things that you must possess detail knowledge:-  

In case, of defence jobs questions from Indian politics, Armed forces of India, History of India and its current affairs are asked by the interview board very often. So, you must have extensive and detail knowledge about these factors in a proper manner. 


You may prepare your own study notes and make a very strong preparation in these areas. Don’t ignore these areas as it can prove to be a game-changer for your career. Prepare well and give your best.    

  • Know your native state or town in a better way:-  

The right and detailed knowledge of your state and town where you reside are very important. The interviewer can also ask the history of your place where you live. They may judge you on the basis of your learning skills as in defence jobs constant learning of places and regional areas where you live is very important.    


Questions from these areas may be asked to you in the interview round. So, prepare yourself accordingly. 


Thus while preparing for the defence jobs you need to keep yourself updated in each and every moment. To stay ahead and for grabbing the right opportunity you must prepare accordingly if you want to succeed in your goal.  

Give your best and clear your interview with flying colors.