How to overcome stage fear with simple steps

Many people have stage fear and they don’t ever want to overcome it. They feel if they forget their speech, the others will insult them for their incapability. But unless you try and practice it you can’t overcome your fear. May be you know everything about your speech and has done a detailed search but your mind just went completely blank in stage. Worry not, we brings you some easy step to follow which will help you to overcome your stage FEAR.

  • Imagine yourself sitting the seat of audience and think what they expect from you.
  • Take a deep breathe. It will get you confidence to fight from your fear by making your mind cool and calm. It will make your voice steady. Also rehearse your lines well and don’t get panic.
  • Don’t focus on the negative comments. Instead try to flip its positive side. Choose a positive environment for yourself.
  • Posture has a prime importance during the presentation to judge your confidence. Stand straight with forward chest and hunched shoulders to create a good body language. It gives a look of confidence in you.
  • The key to success during presentation in stage is how to engage audience and reach out to the. Try to relate with them and share your common experiences. It is the easiest way to recall something in case you have become numb about what to speak. For doing so, you need to do a good research on the topic and understand it thoroughly.
  • Keep your focus on the message of the speech you want to deliver your audience. Don’t led unnecessary thoughts to divert your mind.
  • Remember to greet your audience with a smile prior to the starting of a speech. Let them feel your presence that you are enjoying being amongst them.
  • Don’t take your speech as task. Think that it is just a conversation between you and others. Isn’t? It will make you more comfortable and you will manage to get upto their expectations.
  • People are usually afraid of the spotlight where there minute activities are marked. So turn the table and feel that the spotlight is in the audience. This will help you to move back in your comfort zone.
  • The feeling of fear generates adrenaline which will push you to get over from it fast or fight back. So don’t stand still. Eat a banana prior to your speech to reduce the nauseous feeling or try chew gums to ease the tension. Also try stretching your arms and legs to reduce the stress.
  • Mediation would be the best way to concentrate your mind. Try this before your performance in a quiet and comfortable place, close your eyes and relax your body by resting your hands on lap and folding your lefts.
  • Avoid drinking caffeine on the performance day. You may think it will keep you fresh but it will make play a role to increase your nervousness. Instead drink citrus juice to control your blood pressure.
  • Do some exercise or go on a morning walk. It will help in getting your endorphins going.
  • Laugh as much as you can by watching comedy shows or hanging out with a funny friend. Spent a good time a day before to relax yourself.
  • Get to the place of presentation early to practice once. It will make you feel confident and you can avoid last minute rush too.