How to prepare for gate exam and must-read books to rank in gate exam


A lot of young students solicit from me this question? Instead, they are a lot of inclined to create careers in numerous fields, except Engineering, like Banking (IBPS exams), Civil Services and different SSC exams. the rationale for this is often twofold. One, the declining variety of field placements for Engineering graduates, and variety two, the declining quality of Engineering education delivery in schools. Each of these reasons have affected the scholars still because the psychological science of general public towards engineering education and a career choice.

But, of these notions regarding Engineering don’t take into account one basic truth, that Engineering forms the premise of contemporary civilization and also the importance of it’s removed from over. In fact, young graduates ought to keep themselves a lot of the up and up so far with reference to the most recent Engineering trends, instead of thinking of adjusting their field, altogether. an added reason for young graduates shifting career lines fleetly, is that once you pass out of an Engineering faculty, the most expression is to earn cash and achieve success. And, clearing non technical government exams is deemed straightforward for these graduates. But, one wrong step within the wrong direction, whereas selecting a career will result in a lifelong feeling of helplessness and frustration.

The main aim of this text isn’t criticism of what young Engineering students suppose, however to allow them a plan of however the four years of their life, once used to suppose rationally and justifiably will offer them a lifetime of success and happiness. So, however will a Graduate Engineer create a undefeated career and lead a cheerful life? moreover, all the negative notions and anxiety, leading young Engineering students to require wrong selections in their career is as a result of, like previous Days, CAREER and FUTURE are still the 2 most significant things of concern for them. in line with my personal opinion, an honest career and future depends upon:


  1. Awareness 
  2. need to succeed 
  3. Positive angle by being concerned in right: atmosphere, EDUCATION and knowledge 
  4. Strategic designing 
  5. Dedication 
  6. Hard Work


The major structural conflict within the minds of today’s young engineers is that nearly ninetieth of them suppose that they’re undeserving of an honest engineering job and career and feel low-powered. this reality and their negative angle create it powerful for them to realize their goals and visions. But, they fully forget, that they need been given an opportunity to pay four years of their life to suppose as logically as is feasible, be rational and cheap in their approach towards a drag. Therefore, they ought to use all the tricks and steerage received throughout their four years at any Engineering faculty to create a good career, and believe me Engineering is that the thanks to get in the future!


One thing, young engineering graduates ought to detain mind that the long run economic strongholds are going to be fashioned by countries and societies having a powerful mental object. this will be place in easier words, describing the long run economy as a information Economy. this suggests that the role of information, as compared to natural resources, physical capital, will take, and in reality has taken a so much bigger importance. Economic success is currently supported the effective exercise of intangible assets like information, skills and innovative potential. Education , info infrastructure, economic incentive and institutional regime and innovation systems are of utmost importance.


According to a report, India can have a complete of 204 million graduates, i.e. around 15 august 1945 of world’s total share of graduates. This means, we are going to a lot of have a lot of graduates than the USA by the year 2020! This more means the effective utilization of this vast of young graduates will confirm that whether or not we have a tendency to are a country or not? additionally, in line with a report by committee, D & B India the key growth driver within the part 2011-20 are going to be substantial investment in physical, agricultural and social infrastructure, as compared to investment in commission business and rise privately consumption demand within the part spanning 1990-2010. Infrastructure investment can surge to twelve.1% of GDP by FY20 from calculable seven-membered of GDP in FY11 (source committee, D & B India). All this suggests that new job opportunities are going to be created for Engineers, and well educated and trained engineers are going to be needed to require up the challenge.


Now, the question arises, however does one get that job, which can be created within the close to future. the sole answer to that, lies within the paragraph three of this text, from points one to six. The place to begin for young engineers is that they ought to begin making ready for GATE, whereas in their third year of Engineering, in order that by the time they pass their course they recognize wherever to travel and what to try and do and not rely upon their Engineering faculty to assist them with placements. GATE stands for Graduate power take a look at in Engineering, and is an all India take a look at conducted by IITs once a year to pick worthy students for numerous ME/ MTech programs in IITs, NITs, Deemed Universities. excluding this, an outsized variety of Public Sector Units (PSUs) ar recruiting via GATE scores. the long run jobs mentioned within the on top of paragraph, can solely be doable through PSUs, therefore it becomes vital to require this examination seriously. a new advantage of operating for PSUs through GATE, is that, the beginning pay packets for a GET and MT is around office 6-10 lakhs p.a. CTC, that is much quite what a young recent engineering graduate would get in a very personal organisation. This means, within the recent years, GATE has reworked itself from simply an examination to an emblem of excellence and ability. and also the day isn’t so much, once even personal sector organisations will begin recruiting through GATE scores.


This one examination, if taken seriously, will remodel your life and assist you build a good future and career. Not solely this, making ready for GATE paves the trail for UPSC Engineering Services Examination preparation. excluding this, a great deal of Exams are command throughout a year, that recruits Engineers through written exams requiring preparation on the lines of making ready for GATE. a couple of examples to support my previous sentence, ISRO recruits young engineers in April once a year, SSC recruits JEs for numerous departments in might once a year etc. This suggests making ready for only one examination, i.e. GATE, will assist you in sitting for multiple exams.