How to score high marks in SSC CGL reasoning Tier -1 examination 2020

Today, the competition is very stiff among the candidates who are appearing for the SSC CGL Examination 2020. Each part of the question paper can pose challenges to then candidates in their selection process. This is why the best thing in this regard is to strategize things in such a manner that you can score maximum marks in all the section to clear the cutoff easily. In SSC CGL reasoning Tier-1 examination 2020 most of the candidates lose marks out of hurry or due to wrong attempts they make.  

The reasoning part of the SSC CGL examination is very scoring and tricky too. You need to be very careful while attempting the questions in this section. It can easily make or break the chances of your selection in the second round. This is why you need to strategize the things properly so that you do not lose the chance for clearing the section successfully. Try to reduce the chances of negative marking in this section. This will help you to achieve the desired objective that you are aiming for, from this examination.  
Hence, let’s find out some of the important points in the light of this matter that the tricks that you can apply to crack this examination in the first attempt.

  • Know the distribution of marks:- Knowing the distribution of the marks will help you to prepare the plan for the reasoning section easily. 66% of the questions in this section come from verbal reasoning and 34% of the questions come from Non
    verbal reasoning. This distribution will be done out of 25 questions that will appear in your question paper. It means approximately 17 questions from verbal reasoning and 8 questions from non verbal reason you have to face in the examination. Now, you have make your SSC CGL reasoning Tier-1 examination 2020 preparation
  • Work on your logical skills:- Candidates need to sharpen their analytical and the logical skills to score well in this section. This will help you to score high marks in this section. Your problem solving ability will be tested here and you’re thinking capacity. The more accurate and precise your thought process the better it will be for you to score more in this section Just you need to follow the trend to make things in a proper and orderly manner. The puzzle solving ability of yours will come handy in this section.
  • Command over the concepts: – Both the verbal and the Non-verbal reasoning requires your equal importance. Direction sense, series these types of chapters you need to master. Blood relation and the interrelations among the relationships you need to go through very carefully as these chapters require your attention and practice. Better to say that the more practice you make better will be your performance in the examination. Just you need to prepare yourself by all the means so that you may not lose any marks in the examination while attempting the questions.
  • Focus on one topic at a time:- Most of the candidates try to grasp the multiple concepts at a single point of time. This makes the preparation procedure confusing and they get jumbled up among all the concepts. The best thing would be to master one concept at a time this will help you to make the preparation for the SSC CGL examination in a simple manner. Along with that, you will be able to remember the concepts for a longer duration. Your time, as well as your energy, will not be wasted and you can gain the maximum returns from your effort.
  • Do not make any wrong attempt:- This is the basic rule of thumb that you must be accurate and precise while answering the questions in the examination. Do not make any wrong attempt this can degrade your chances for clearing the cutoffs. If you think that you can answer correctly then only make an attempt. Otherwise, the chances of negative marking will get an increase. Give priority to your confidence, not on your guess. Make the right attempt to score well in this section. Avoid wastage of time behind the wrong answers as this will kill your time and marks both.   

Hence, from the above information, it has become clear that, how you should prepare for SSC CGL reasoning tier-1 examination 2020. There are several important factors that you overlook many a time but the matter of fact is you need to keep things very
simple and logical while attempting that section. Try to make the right attempt and avoid the wrong attempt as much as possible. Then only you can successfully crack this examination or this section. Do not get panicked by the puzzles keep your calm and try to think in a logical manner. Hence, give your best to clear the cutoff in this section.