Is 2030 is the year for India to become the Superpower

When India will become the super power of the world is the billion dollar question to many Indians. But as per the latest report of US intelligence 2030 is the most likely year for India to become the Super power of the world in all fields. India could become the economic power house before the arrival of 2030 and will continue to consolidate its influence over Pakistan on the coming years. There are several reasons behind that and various factors will add up to growth of India in current years. When people in a nation work with full pace then these types of changes takes place in the country.

Now explore the facts that why India can become the economic super power of the world.

  • Rising economic growth:- On every year the economic or the GDP growth rate of India is increasing at a faster pace. After the application of GST the tax collection system has become smoother and transparent in the country. This has make money available to the government to contribute it in the infrastructural growth of the country. Another important fact in the light of this matter is this country comprises of high rate of young population which adds to its growth factor.
  • Diplomacy:- India’s diplomatic relations with the rest of the world is very strong. It has not witnessed any war like situation for various years. Apart from this its peace keeping army in UN made its stand very strong infront of the entire world for the last few decades. Over the period the country’s export has increased a lot most of the developed countries of the world today is ready to make their investment in Indian business. The only problem that India faces is the recent conflict against Pakistan.
  • Military Might:- Currently, India has the power index of 0.1593 with defense budget of US$51,000,000,000 with active personnel of 1,3625,00 in military. The rank of this country in comparison to military might to the world is 4 th . Presently India has 2102 aircrafts and 295 naval strength. They also have enough military strength to tackle any emergency situation. If you want to compare the military might of USA with India it stands as follows. USA has the power index of 0.0857 with a defense budget of $587,800,000,000 and with the active military personnel of 1,373,650. Its number
    of aircraft stands 13,762 with a naval strength of 415.
  • Geographical advantage:- The geographical location of India is also one of the most dominating factors for
    making India the next super power of the World. The fossil fuel consumption has increased a lot over the years. This will make the current super powers of the world to deplete the natural resources they have. So, sooner or later the resources
    of various nations will get completely depleted. At that point in time due to the geographical location of India the natural resources will be in abundance with it. So, it will encourage greater investment in the country. Thus it will add up the chances of India to become the world’s Super power in coming years.
  • Population:- In terms of the youth population in the world India is the first and it also holds the second spot in terms of population in the world. Approximately 50% of the world population is in India. The Birth rate is increasing every day at an alarming rate in India. Approximately the high birth rate is increasing at 65% in India every year. But one of the astonishing fact in the light of this matter is on an average India possess the high rate of young population whose age is below 24 years. Thus it can create a pool of young work force to drive its economic growth faster.
  • Democracy:- World’s largest democracy is in India and this thing has its own pitfalls. But the politics has successfully tackled the situation well it has enough governance to keep the states united and intact. This makes India a very strong nation in terms of its unity and integrity is concerned. Though it possesses different ethics and religion in spite of that it is united with all its territories.
  • Science and Technology:– During the past few decades in the field of science and technology India is progressing at a very faster pace. Apart from NASA and USSR India is the third country in the world to have its own space stations. Its science and technological advancement has reached the pinnacle in the past few years with remarkable achievements. 104 satellites have been launched by ISRO at a time in Moons orbit. India is the largest producer of software’s over the past few decades.

Hence these were some of the important ground breaking achievement of India in the past few years on several fields to make it the world super power by 2030. Just you need to understand the facts in the light of this matter.