Life-changing IT jobs in India by 2020

Youths of India wonder for jobs after the completion of 12th standard examination. On various fields and in the domain they are in search of jobs. IT jobs are the most lucrative field in this case. There are various other fields too but the scope, flexibility, knowledge and money they can gain from the IT jobs is beyond imagination. Just you need to make the right choices in your life. Along with that, with the change of time, the scope for Information technology jobs in India is also increasing at a rapid rate.   

Therefore let’s see some of the top life-changing IT jobs that can flourish your career growth in 2020.    

  • Data Scientist:- The basic task of a data scientist is to collect and manage the massive amount of data in an organization. This field is looked upon as one of the most lucrative options in the upcoming year. If you are searching for the highest paying jobs then this IT job can provide you with both money and knowledge to fulfil your dreams.  A data scientist can help an organization by analyzing the data in a proper manner to help the management in taking right decisions regarding customer management. Better to say it will help an organization in understanding consumer behaviour. 


Qualification & Skills required for becoming a data scientist:- 

  1. The candidates must be of BE/B. Tech without having any experience in coding. 
  2.  Graduates with no programming knowledge. 
  3. 40% of the skills are essential to work with complex formulas. 
  4. 25% of the skills are required to understand the psychology of the consumer. 
  5. 25% of the business acumen is important  and 
  6. Skills’ regarding programming languages required is of 10% but they can also develop it with time. 

Average Salary ranges for a data scientist is of 950000/year in India. 

  • Machine learning experts:- 

Machine learning is simply the basic application of artificial intelligence wherein the complex systems are being learnt on its own and develops itself without the help of programming. After Data scientist this field also provides a very lucrative career path to an individual who is searching for a job. Machine learning experts have the responsibility to build these self-learning systems. Hence it can reduce the workload to a great extent.   


Qualification & Skills required for becoming a Machine learning expert:-  

  1. Must possess a strong knowledge of statistics. 
  2. The candidate must be very good at programming language in R/Python. 
  3. The candidate should have very strong oral and written communication skills because they need to prepare the interactive data visualizations, progress reports, and presentations towards the management. 
  4. Must have the ability to convey the complex data results and its outcome in an effective manner. 

Average salary range of a machine learning experts starts from 7-15 lacks per annum in the entry-level and 27 lacks per annum in mid-level in India. For the highest package, the sky is the limit.   This is one of the best high paying IT jobs of the decade after data scientist. 

  • Blockchain Developer:-   

This is a new field the basic task of a blockchain developer is to redefine each and everything like from currency transactions, data security handling and internet connectivity and more. One of the best things in this field is it wipes out the requirement of a middle man and reduces the cost, as well as increases the reach and speed of your business. This is supposed to usher greater traceability and the level of transparency.  


Along with that one of the hot news about this stream is both public and private sector is preparing themselves for this new technology. Hence the scope, as well as the job opportunities, will be quiet higher.  


Qualification & Skills required for becoming a blockchain developer:- 

  1. B. Tech or B. E. students can opt for this field even without coding experience. 
  2. Must have the skills to understand the data structures. 
  3. Skills of web development are required. 
  4. Must have a sound understanding of the blockchain and its architecture. 
  5. Must have the knowledge in the field of cryptography. 
  6. Should have the ability to develop smart contract development.   

An average salary scale of a blockchain developer ranges up to 45lack per annum in India. The reason is there is a lack of qualified professionals in this field.  

Hence, the above mentioned IT jobs are in very high demand in India. Apart from this, there are also other IT Jobs in India are also there which have a very high demand in the country. Just you need to have the passion and the urge to learn these skills to change your life in the coming decade. Along with that, the scope is huge, vacancy is large, and lacks experienced professionals are less in these fields. So, the chances are really very high that the corporate will don’t mind in paying high.